Thursday, September 9, 2010

Curtis Lu Time Warner General Counsel Fired For Attempted Negotiation with Eliot Bernstein of Iviewit Technologies. Now Curtis Lu GC at LightSquared.

General Counsel Formerly of Time Warner Inc. Now at LightSquared as their General Counsel. What is this Turn of Events Rreally About?

It is about Time Warner Inc. and AOL covering Up Massive Shareholder Fraud in the Case of the Iviewit Stolen Technology.

Rumor has it that Curtis Lu Time Warner Inc. Was "Let Go" for trying to Make it Right with the Iviewit Technology Inventors... but I Hightly Doubt that as Curtis Lu now General Counsel of LightSquared knew Full well of the Iviewit Technologies FRAUD on Shareholders..

Curtis Lu General Counsel of LightSquared knew of the fraud on AOL Shareholders.

Curtis Lu General Counsel of LightSquared did NOTHING.. oh yeah Curtis Lu General Counsel of LightSquared - Curtis Lu Former General Counsel of Time Warner Called The Iviewit Founder and Inventor RIGHT? and Said what is My Risk Here? Well then He Ran Screaming. .it seems and well Did Not Act Legally or Ethically in ANY Way..

So hmmm.. then Curtis Lu General Counsel of LightSquared - Curtis Lu Former General Counsel of Time Warner is mysteriously switching jobs.. we called that a while back. .remember..?? so I could see LightSquared Due their NOT So Good "Vetting" Process on Curtis Lu General Counsel of Time Warner - So what really happened?

Well it seems to me that Time Warner Inc. Did not Want a Loose Cannon such as Curtil Lu on the Time Warner Inc. Team so they FIRED Him.. and now they can get a New General Council Cronie to HIDE the Fact that Time Warner Inc. is covering up Massive Shareholder Fraud in the Iviewit Stolen Technology that Time Warner Inc. Has been using and making Billions on Top of Billions for Over a Decade and NEVER Paid the iViewit technology inventors ANYTHING..

Time Warner Inc. had SOLID agreements with the Iviewit Technology Inventors and Jeffrey Bewkes Time Wanner CEO Knows Full Well..

So What Does LightSquared Do ?

Lightsqared Website Says

" Our vision.

LightSquared will unleash the boundless opportunity of wireless broadband connectivity for all. We believe that it is time to transform the broadband industry to one that truly fosters innovation, creativity, and freedom of choice— with limitless and unimaginable possibilities. Our name captures the exponential power that an open wireless broadband network brings to the United States and the world.

Broadband for all.

Today, not all Americans have access to broadband connectivity. In fact, the United States is ranked 20th worldwide in providing broadband to its citizens. But that’s about to change. By 2015, LightSquared expects to cover at least 92 percent of people in the U.S. with its wireless broadband network; in addition, from commercial launch it will offer the entire nation wireless coverage through its satellite. ""

Broadband for All, I See.. Well Surely LightSquared was TOLD of the Massive Liability that Curtis Lu would be Bringing to the Table with Curtis Lu's Knowledge of a Multi-Trillion Dollar SEC Fraud.. a Federal RICO Lawsuit.. and Massive Shareholder Fraud ?

I mean Curtis Lu Former General Counsel of Time Warner SURELY Told LightSquared Executives and CEO's that he was a Massive Liability???

Sanjiv Ahuja is the Chairman and CEO of LightSquared. Does Sanjiv Ahuja have some Special Connection with Curtis Lu ? Why would Sanjiv Ahuja Ignore this Massive Liability?

Frank Boulben is the Chief Marketing Officer of LightSquared. Surely Frank Boulben knows of the Liabilty that Curtis Lu Former Time Warner Inc., General Counsel Brings as the LightSquared General Counsel.
Curtis Lu General Counsel ~ What a Joke on LightSquared

Curtis Lu Now General Counsel at LightSquared

Curtis Lu History

· Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at Time Warner Inc.

· Senior Vice President & Principal Deputy General Counsel at Fannie Mae

· Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel at America Online

· Partner at Latham & Watkins

Got a Tip on LightSquared Executives ?

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