Friday, September 24, 2010

Eliot Bernstein Iviewit Founder and One of the Iviewit Inventors has NEVER Stopped Productively Fighting for Iviewit Justice

Kevin R. Hall disbarred Attorney Formerly acting as illegal Legal Counsel for Iviewit Techologies... Demands that Eliot Bernstein and Crystal L. Cox Cease and Desist FROM Insanity. Hmmm.. Guess this is some LEGAL Jargon.

For Over a Decade Eliot Bernstein has "Positively and Productively" networked people, wrote amazing legal documents, filed complete complaints, kept amazing record, kept iViewit investors in the loop, and well beyond ALL ODDS has stood up against the Highest Levels of Corruption within the USPTO, the US Supreme Court, the SEC, the Department of Justice, the FBI and more. ..

No Stone has been unturned in angles that Eliot Bernstein has used to expose every single company, court, play and politician in the stealing of the Iviewit Invention that we have all used for years and that companies like Warner Bros. , Intel Corp., APPLE, Time Warner Inc. , Lockheed Martin, MPEG LA and more have made Billions from.

yes Sometimes Eliot Bernstein Seems angry.. and well gee if you were bombed, forced into Economic Terrorism, and dealt with anywhere near the Denial of Due Process, Corruption and Obstruction of Justice that Eliot Bernstein has been subjected to by so many of the CORRUPT players of the iViewit Patent Theft...

Well you TOO may show signs of discouragement and anger at times.. that in NO way changes the TRUTH.. nor does it mean that Eliot Bernstein is Not SOLEY responsible for the JUSTICE that Iviewit Investors and Inventors Will Get One Day, when the Wall of Corruption Falls.

I am Unsure What is Going on with Iviewit Insiders.

All of Sudden after 9 months of me writing on the Iviewit Technologies Stolen Intellectual Property, well there surfaces new hatred and threats to me.

I am simply posting what is already out there and linking to the source and am posting eMails that are sent to me to protect myself and to Provide Transparency to the Iviewit Patent Case. After a Decade of the Iviewit Founder and Inventors being harasses ed, threatened, car bombs, run out of homes and towns and basically kept from a decent quality of life and constantly harassed all to keep them from the rights to THEIR Inventions....

Meanwhile guys Like Kevin R. Hall Esq. was seemingly pretending to be helping iviewit by giving them legal advice... Though the Amazing Legal Documents, SEC Complaint, Motions, Federal RICO Lawsuit and more were written by Eliot Bernstein himself... Kevin R. Hall still seemed to pop up here and there and give his "Legal Opinion". Which now, in my opinion was simply to keep the iViewit in their Place.

Eliot Bernstein has BEEN Pro-Active and Productive on Behalf of Himself, his Family and ALL invested in Iviewit.. for over a decade.. never giving up. Constantly keeping awareness on Iviewit. .and Now it seems that Kevin Hall is acting like Stephen Lamont has something "postive and productive" to add.. NOT forgetting that Stephen Lamont JOINED a Hate Group against me.. send the Iviewit Insiders and INVITATION TO HATE ME and told me to "get my affairs in order " and now Kevin Hall acts like Lamont is some white knight??? hmmm...

Eliot Bernstein's relentless .. factually and PRODUCTIVE efforts have surfaced contact from Time Warner Inc.'s General Counsel Curtis Lu, has stirred up mass investigations of corruption within the SEC, DOJ and more.. Eliot has continually worked day and night for over a decade.. and now this Mystery Man.. Some Guy.. who came to Iviewit under Questionable, Stephen Lamont circumstances.. surfaces to be on the side of Lamont and on the attack of those who have been Speaking on Behalf of Iviewit.. the Facts Speak for themselves.

Kevin Hall posts Horrible Defaming, Hate Crime, Threatening Comments about me on New York Blogs, Leaves Messages on People's voicemail accusing me of actions that have not happened.. all this Criminal Activity and Defamation and then threatens that my Posts are "Actionable" . It makes no sense. The Facts are the Facts.. . and that is all that matters.. engaging in calling me Sick and Twisted Names and threatening to SUE me for POSTING Fact.. and Creating Transparency well that only points out who the Real "Bad Guys" are.

All Stephen Lamont has done is Filed Incorrect and Illegal Documents, has not followed the Letter of Law, has not Listed to Legal Advice on the Fact that he is NOT to Speak on Behalf of Iviewit.. and Simply get in the Way of Iviewit Justice.

Yet Kevin Hall and Cronies seem to think that Warner Bros. - USPTO - Wayne Smith - MPEG LA ... justice that is just around the corner is Something to do with them.. as well they have done NOTHING to Relentlessly Pursue the Truth, expose all the corrupt lawyers, companies, judges and government agents in order to get to Justice for the Iviewit Investors and a PATENT for the REAL iViewit Inventors.

Kevin Hall is DEMANDING Confidentiality.

The Iviewit INVENTORS - the Iviewit Investors and NOW all of us threatened and having our way of life changed forever by speaking out on behalf of Iviewit... Well WE all Deserve Transparency at the Very Least.

Kevin Hall's Emails Involve Me and I WILL POST THEM..

Kevin Hall accuses me of "slanderous and actionable conduct" AFTER he Emails me Hateful Discriminatory Threats and POSTS these Same Words on a New York Corruption Blog. then Says accuse ME of "Actionable Conduct" ???

What all this Means to the Truth Seekers is that ... there has been more then meets the Eye behind the Scenes of iViewit for a Very long time and those on the Wrong Side of the Law, on the Wrong Side of the Moral Compass.. WELL now they are Showing Their True Colors...

Today's Email Correspondence from Kevin Hall to Iviewit Insiders.
Shhhh.. this is a Secret.

Eliot and Candice Bernstein have never left the "path" that Kevin Hall speaks of and well the Iviewit Scandal has caused them great stress.. the kind of life changing stress that few could imagine.. and still they stayed on the path..

Look Deep Folks the TRUTH Speaks for ITSELF.

The Gibberish . .. "of Interest" conversations spoke of here.. Eliot Bernstein had already put all this into the works.. and now arrogant Kevin Hall and Buddy Stephen Lamont HAVE A SOLUTION.. talk about Full of Shit !!!

Oh and don't forget the Nero Suit was Dismissed by those Same Corrupt Courts.

Kevin Acts like the MPEG LA authority when Eliot Bernstein TOLD him all this stuff and put it in SEC Complaints, RICO Complaints and now Kevin Hall is Yammering about it like he knows Shit about Shinola... ???


TO: Eliot I. Bernstein of Boca Raton and William P. Gamello, All Star Soccer Captain CENTER HALFBACK Ichabod Crane Riders:


Not sure where or how the Kharma of your world has become disoriented in the wrong direction, however to move things back in the right direction perhaps since you have indicated on more than one occasion how you were Personally Instrumental in bringing about the Change in Law ( policy ) in the State of California regarding Marajuana, you should find a "Good Joint", Listen to some Music,

Remember ALL the GOOD Things your TECHNOLOGY Has done and Can do, Entertainment, Rock and Roll, Movies, Medical Imaging, Digital TV, Defense Applications, Etc and get back on the path to Walk Down the Yellowbrick Road or whatever that was in process with either Wayne Smith at Warner Bros Entertainment Inc or whoever may be appropriate.

In any event, to dispel the wasteful, harmful, non-productive, wrongful unfounded and unreality based Conspiracy Theories against KRH, until Yesterday, Thursday Sept. 23, 2010, KRH had NOT had a SINGLE Phone Conversation or Direct Communication with former CEO P. Stephen Lamont in at least 6 Months.

Most your wasteful quest will find is that he "may" have been copied on a few Emails of General Unified Court matters that were sent to Multiple Recipients as most all your emails do.

One interesting part of this Conversation yesterday which came only after days of wrongful action by yoursef and slanderous and actionable conduct by Crystal Cox is that while the Conversation was interesting in Lamont's discussion of Wayne Smith at Warner Bros as an ALLY in Exposing the Original Harm of Ken Rubenstein at Proskauer Rose heading up MPEG, that when KRH directed and moved the conversation toward the Possibility of Entry into the existing MPEG Suits around the Nation, Lamont did not express that this was a viable method in "his view".

He did however open up the conversation into how I thought this could be done visa MPEG suits.

That or course, was found Quite Interesting by Myself and SHOULD be Same to you based on OUR Work ( EIB / KRH ) and in Fact you should be GLAD to HEAR this FACT from Yesterday's conversation.

The conversation also focused on the Need for Discplinary Action by NYS via Ken Rubenstein and JOAO relating to the Original FRAUD - WRONGFUL RICO Conduct in the Iviewit PATENT Applications etc and Lamont was of the Opinion that the US Patent and Trade Office ( US PTO ) will ONLY Take Action against Rubenstein, Proskauer, Joao etc AFTER New York STATE has FIRST Acted such as the Pending Matters in the NYS First Dept Appellate Division etc.

Not sure HOW Lamont knows this or is suggesting this but nonetheless he was Clearly of the Positiion yesterday that Once the Hammer comes down at the NY State level that the USPTO will be Right behind and that at this point in time WARNER BROS and WAYNE SMITH would Likely FALL RIGHT IN LINE etc.

As previously discussed, the NERO Suit against MPEG brings up DIRECTLY KEN RUBENSTEIN of PROSKAUER who you have Claimed is the CENTER of the Equation via Iviewit and while the Nero Suit was Dismissed recently, it is Clear that NERO Plaintiffs can Amend. Here is Quote from the Link you provided:

"Judge Pfaelzer gave Nero the opportunity to amend its complaint.

In an email, John Gibson of Wintson & Strawn, an attorney for Nero, said his client would take her up on the offer.

"Nero's antitrust claim is based on a sound legal theory," wrote Gibson. "The court's order does not question that; it simply requests that Nero make further factual allegations to support the legal theory.

Nero is very confident that the Court will give it a reasonable opportunity to allege, litigate, and prove its claim that patent-pool monopolist MPEG LA illegally maintains, extends, and abuses its monopoly power in the relevant markets."

As indicated in the past, it is my view that Entry in to that case and related cases was good move particularly since the NERO case was bringing up for review FACTS and ALLEGATIONS involving Rubenstein back to the Formation of the MPEG PATENT POOL and Rubenstein's Involvement dating back to 1999-2000 or so ETC when your MEETINGS at REAL 3D on LOCKHEED MARTIN property in Orlando, Florida occurred with Lawrence Palley of INTEL Apparently Part of the Meeting as INTEL Co-OWNED REAL 3D at that time.

Further involvement from myself however in this regard would only come under specifiied conditions just one of which is the immediate Cease and Desist of your recent insanity with Crystal Cox which not only is false, slanderous and improper, but makes you look weak and much more and can and will be shown to be foolish quite easily that it is an improper business action and personal action for you to persist in this regard.

I do take Notice that NONE of the LAWYERS who are your friends and have been Copied on almost ALL Communications since day one are participating in this nonsense.

Obviously you have never hidden the various drugs you have used over the years NOR tried to keep it CONFIDENTIAL since YOU OPENLY DISCUSSED in Mediums YOU SAID were Not Confidential being, Pot, White powder, shrooms, etc so it is ridiculous that you are doing this now and makes you look desparate for NO Apparent Reason,

NOR SHOULD THERE BE a REASON to be this way since NOTHING has been done to work against you or harm you.

You knew from the beginning that like yourself had recreationally experimented with similar substances, pot, pot brownies, hash, white powder, mushrooms, etc. You can spend years and years and waste alot of time to NOT find a SINGLE person that could CONFIRM I have EVER done Heroin since this has never happened.

Nor does it make any sense why you are ridiculously trying to use this on the NET since it was YOU who was DEFENDING the HEROIN use of some your own friends when I was saying it is a terrible harmful drug from what I have seen done to my friends including a guy that worked at Little Farm after I left there years ago who DIED in a Florida Rehab trying to regain a Fix from a Heroin Addiction only to shoot himself up with something that blocked bloodflow in his system and killed him from what I know.

And William P. Gamello, as I already told you, has a Sister Married to an Honorable guy who also has a Sister that knows Kamela Corbett who I fully disclosed to you that I went to High School with Kamela and have not talked to her in ALMOST 10 YEARS.

As you recall, it was I who was the one to Disclose to you that Kammi apparently was working at FOLEY and LARDNER since I sent you the Profile of her working I believe in the Tampa area.

You will not find ANYONE or ANY PROOF ANYWHERE on the Planet that I have communicated with Kammi or ANYONE from FOLEY and LARDNER in my Entire Life making ALL of your work with Crystal Cox totally FALSE and SLANDEROUS.

You should really be MORE Careful before you SLANDER people on "Suspicion" INSTEAD of DILIGENT FACTS and INVESTIGATION.

Both you and Crystal could be found NEGLIGENT and MUCH MORE. NO REASON for this.

Kammi's brother Jim Corbett was in my grade at Ichabod Crane and I played Basketball with him and while we may not Agree on Many topics in the world, he was a Decent and Good Human Being and so was his Sister Kammi and the friends that I knew in common so just because she happened to work at Foley and Lardner is NO PROOF she had ANYTHING EVER to Do with IVIEWIT and you TRULY should be cautious in that regard. Personally I don't know what she had done or is doing since it is 10 YEARS probably since I have seen her or had any communicatiion.

Bottom Line is I can either MOVE to ENFORCE MY Rights with you in an Adversarial Manner or you can come back to the real world and Finish working together under specified conditions and agreements. But you can't have it both ways and have been asked to Move Forward with your Business Plan for months.

I also want to AGAIN Remind you the SECOND TIME this week of Parts of our Agreement and Plan which your LAWYERS were EXPRESSLY COPIED ON back in December of 2008:

December 17, 2008 in Part:

"4. It is acknowledged and understood that Kevin R. Hall ( krh ) of Kinderhook, NY is a disbarred attorney in the State of New York and while krh maintains legal challenges to the validity and legality of the suspension of his right to practice law and the subsequent disbarment, that all parties acknowledge the disbarment and that no parties are relying upon krh providing "legal opinions" or "legal advice" in the making of this agreement or in the performance of this agreement. It is understood and agreed that krh serves in the role of business management related duties and consulting consistent with the general duties outlined above.

It is further acknowledged that a unique tactical and strategical advantage has been identified in utlization of krh as a "disbarred" attorney in the State of New York.

5. It is further acknowledged and understood that this agreement was formulated after multiple hours of background research over several days by krh and multiple hours of discussion between krh and Eliot Bernstein, primary inventor, and that no party is presently aware of any conflict, which would presently prohibit this agreement from being executed and performed, nor is any conflict anticipated or contemplated.

It is acknowledged and understood that Eliot Bernstein presently has a multi party RICO based claim pending at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals of the US Courts and that an Amended Complaint was filed by Eliot Bernstein in the Southern District of New York which was marked as "Related" by US District Judge Shira Scheindlin being "related" to Whistleblower and Corruption claims filed by Christine Anderson, hereinafter "Anderson", filed against the First Department Disciplinary Committee of the State of New York, the State of New York and others.

6. It is acknowledged and understood that at some date in the future that krh may file a suit on his personal behalf in relation to his suspension and disbarment proceedings and that such suit may or may not seek to become "related" to the cases currently marked as "related" to the Anderson in the Southern District of New York, however no present conflicts have been identified if such action should occur nor are any conflicts contemplated or anticipated however krh shall be duty bound to report to Eliot Bernstein and the others to this agreement any conflict or potential conflict which krh becomes aware of during the time of this agreement with the resolution of such conflict(s) to be mutually agreed upon after full disclosure by any and all involved parties.

Note: This Paragraph is out of Order in the Context of the Current Email today Friday Sept. 24, 2010:

" It is contemplated that Licensing and royalty payment agreements may be a component of such financial recovery plan with various parties and defendants to be determined later as part of the "Plan" and that inherent economic efficiency benefits are recognized as part of such an arrangement.

However, Kevin R. Hall, ( hereinafter "krh" ) shall in no way be responsible for providing legal opinions and/or advice therein but to the contrary will act together with qualified, competent, legal counsel experienced in licensing, patents, royalties and intellectual property matters, and other accounting and market analysis experts and all experts as necessary."

Thus, only makes sense to move forward in positive ways and be productive. """

So now Kevin Hall is NOT going to be "providing legal opinions" hmmm is he LEGAL to Provide LEGAL opinions.. hmmm?

Whatever is Going on over at Iviewit Is Certainly a MAJOR change.. as those in the WAY of Justice are Being Flushed OUT into the LIGHT.. ...

There are NO Ally's at Warner Bros. - over 10 years and ALLY's Surface.. NOPE.. they are all Guilty as is P. Stephen Lamont .. WHO has NO RIGHT to Speak for Iviewit in ANY Legal Way .. What So Ever..

I Do not Work For NOR BLOG for Eliot Bernstein or iViewit. I am a Self Proclamed Investigative Blogger, it is My Hobby.. giving Voice to Victims. Eliot NEVER asks me to Post, does not tell me what to post or How.. .it is "my thing" - and well Though I Stand Behind Eliot as he is telling the Truth and I think he is an amazing - intellligent man.. I have never met him, and nor do I ever plan on meeting him.. or anyone in Iviewit for that matter... I simple Expose Corruption as my Part of .. Well Doing the Right Thing..

My Actions are False, Slanderous and IMPROPER.. hmm. he calls me Deranged, Physcotic.. Dyke.. and many other Degrotory Remarks in Public Forums and Emails to me.. and That is PROPER .. TRUE and NOT Slanderous..???

Does ANYONE Care Who did what DRUGS??? I don't do drugs.. never have.. and well . .don't judge those who do and don't see how it has ANYTHING to do with the Facts of the Iviewit Case.
It is My Opinion that Kevin Hall is Working with Stephen Lamont and with a Foley and Lardner Insider.. this is NOT something that Eliot Bernstein told me to POST.. i have a brain. .I think for myself.. So STOP Syaing that Eliot and Crystal .. are ONE MIND.. we are NOT...

Kevin R. Hall has TONS of Secrets or He Would NOT be Pitching Such a Fit...

Do you Know Kevin Hall's Secrets?

Kevin Hall Consulting Agreement

Kevin R. Hall - Iviewit Agreement