Friday, September 3, 2010

Eliot Bernstein, Iviewit Technology Notifies Bill McCollum, Florida Attorney General on the Blatant and Widespread Florida Corruption

Bill McCollum Florida Attorney General have to Say About Blatant and Rampant Florida Corruption?

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum Notified
of Rampant, Blatant Corruption in the Florida Courts.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum CANNOT say that he does not know.

So Does Florida Attorney General Bill MCollum stand with the PROVEN victims of Massive Florida Corruption or Does Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum stand with the Criminals, Attorneys, Judges, Supreme Court, and others Conspiring in the Corruption in Florida.

There is Radio shows to Disbar the Florida Bar, there is Complaints Constantly.

How Long Can this go on ? The Following is Notification to the Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum on Just How bad the Corruption in the State of Florida REALLY Is.

" Dear Honorable Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, I have received your response regarding my submission and appreciate your interest in the matter.

Due to the number of conflicts already existing in these matters and with members of this Committee Defendants in my ongoing Federal RICO and Antitrust Lawsuit in New York that has been Legally related to a NY Supreme Court Whistleblower Lawsuit exposing a mass of conflicts in public offices and Title 18 Obstruction.

I hereby request that all members of this Grand Jury Committee, including your offices, provide a formal signed and Verified Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form, in advance of handling ANY of the materials submitted, forming any opinions, dismissing the matters or any other action that may affect the outcome of these matters before the Committee.

I am providing herein a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form, please print, sign, and return for all individuals who handle this most confidential information in any way, again prior to any actions involving these matters.

If you would like to discuss the Conflict of Interest Disclosure, please feel free to contact me.

Full Document Below. It is Interactive You Can Make it Bigger.
you can Download it.. Bill McCollum, Florida Attorney General
is WELL aware of Florida Corruption.

Florida Corruption Exposed

Say No to Florida Corruption

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