Thursday, September 16, 2010

Formor International FIRES Dr. Elizabeth Owings !!! Steals Her Downline, Pays her NOTHING, Still Uses Her name and Videos to SELL Their Product.

And All in the Name of "God" and High Morals I Suppose.

Formor International Fired their Top Arginine Promoter.. and in my Opinion the Only

AND Dr. Elizabeth Owings according to what I am hearing has to abide by a Non-Compete.. SO Fired.. Downline Stolen, No 3 month grace as promised... and Yet is not allowed to Promote Arginine Elsewhere when She is the Foremost Expert on Arginine and Well FORMOR lost Prendergast and Losing Dr. Elizabeth Owings ... well who will they get now..

Boy Does Formor International Suck. Why in the World Would Anyone EVER work for Formor International UNDER Any Circumstances...

Formor International FIRES their Biggest Distributors and Steals their Downlines.

Formor International Flat Out Lies.. Steals Money from Distributors and What Folks are they Telling you that I am Lying? Are You Kidding?

Dr. Elizabeth Owings Needs to be promoting Arginine.. People love her videos, her credentials and SHE is the Very Best Spokesperson for L-Arginine and Health.. as far as Dr.'s Endorsing Argnine goes.. in my opinion of course...

Formor International is Greedy, acts Immoral and UnEthical Constantly and FIRES their biggest players yet Formor International wants you to "Sign Up" ??? Are You Kididng.. why would you Even Consider Selling Arginine for Formor International...???

ALL need to File a Class Action Lawsuit Against Formor International.. they may pay off a Judge or Two.. oh well.. Time To make ALL at Formor LOSE all their Assets and Pay for the Harm they have Caused...

Can You Believe it.. Formor International has Pretty Much Illegally.. Immorally and UnEthically FIRED everyone Now.. So What Next at the Corrupt - Above the Law Formor International Mafia....

Got a Tip?

Time to TELL all on EVERY Executive at Formor International and THERE is NO Below the Belt.. Let's Here it.. Formor International Ruins LIVES and has NO Remorse..

Enough is Enough !!