Thursday, September 30, 2010

University of Montana Participates in Year Long Hate Crime Attack

University of Montana put Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox's Life at Risk, Ruined her Real Estate Business, Defamed her Internet Marketing Business, Ran her From her Home.. her State.. all Because the University of Montana failed to do a Proper Investigation into a Death Threat, a Stalker to This Day on my Blogs all day everyday .. Who Threatened to KILL me and the University of Montana Police, Michael Bloom Tech Department, and the Missoula Police stand for the Criminal participating in a Montana Hate Crime.

Janean Clark, Michael Bloom, David Arnofsky, George M. Dennison, Jim Lemcke - University of Montana Support . .aids and abetts a Hate Crime, Defamation and Year Long Attack.

More of This year long hateful, threatening attack on Blogger Crystal L. Cox by the University of Montana at