Friday, September 17, 2010

Well Turns out if the Corrupt State of New York Grievance Commmittee for the 10th Judicial District Says George Demos is Innocent, By Golly he must be

Mary Ann Kipp of Kipp And Associates NEEDS me to PROVE George Demos is GUILTY..

Odd... isn't it. All Mary Ann Kipp has to do is to Read, Research .. Look Deeper and there is the TRUTH.. boldly lit. New York Courts are CORRUPT.

The State of New York Grievance Commmittee for the 10th Judicial District is in "bed with" or "afraid of " major law firms and big shot Politicians like Andrew Cuomo, and the State of New York Grievance Commmittee for the 10th Judicial District LET the Corrupt George Demos Go because they had no choice.. to much Pressure.. to many Favors Owed and this will NEVER change the FACT that George Demos was a Corrupt SEC Investigator and George Demos absolutely DID protect hundreds of Millions in Corruption for JP Morgan and Ratted out a Whistleblower Named Peter Sivere ( my Site on that is )

Mary Ann Kipp

So what is Mary Ann Kipp's Connection to Wanting to Protect the Corrupt George Demos? Well I don't know for sure.. so Email me your Tips to

He is What Mary Ann Kipp Had to Say to Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox - in Defense of George Demos and apparently Delusionally on What Really Goes on at the New York Grievance Commmittee for the 10th Judicial District.

First Email From Mary Kipp...

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Proof of Claims


Date: Fri, September 10, 2010 4:43 pm

Dear Mrs. Cox,

I know that you are supporting your husband, Christopher Nixon Cox, in his run for Congress. That's fine.

I don't hold it against him that he has moved in with his uncle to run here and helped businesses go bankrupt, any more than I blame Altschuler for being new here, or for outsourcing jobs to help other companies stay in business.

The big spending, high taxing politicians and government mandates are responsible for the loss of jobs here, and that is the reason that it is financially prudent to cut business costs any way possible.

But I need proof when you claim that George Demos covered up for fraudulant activity, or that he "ratted out" a whistleblower.

I don't accept gossip in making my judgements about whom to support.

Do you have documentation that Demos did these things?

And I need more proof than one politician claiming that Altschuler tried to run as a pro-choice candidate in NJ.

Many people, including evangelical ministers and news media have affirmed that he is pro-life.

What proof is there that they are all wrong?

Can you give me documentation?

I am NOT Political. I DO NOT Care who Wins that Corrupt Election in the State of NEW York. I Care about the Corruption in the New York Judicial System.. Andrew Cuomo is Certainly the Ring Leader on That one.

I am for the TRUTH and NOT the LIE.. and I have NO Party, No Canditate and NO Agenda. AND I am CERTAINLY not Married to Chris Cox.

That is Such a Massive Assumption and Well I DO Believe that Mary Ann Kipp has Stepped in Blogger Scat.

I NEED no Documentation .. I have posted information on .. there is NO Doubt in My Mind that Peter Sivere is Telling the Truth and is an Upstanding Citizen and that George Demos is Corrupt and Seriously on the Wrong Side of the Moral Compass.

Do Not Take My Information as ANY Legal Advice ..

Find Your OWN Information.

Believe what you need to Believe.

The Truth Remains to Be the Truth
~ No Matter What You Believe.

SO Next Mary Ann Kipp Sends me this after I email her and Let her know that I am certainly NOT Chris Fox's Wife.. and that She Needs to Find her Own Facts..

I Also Encouraged her to Send information on the "Other" Candidates if She had some..

Mary Ann Kipp Says to Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox

" Dear Ms. Cox,

Sorry if I made a mistaken assumption.

I didn't mean to insult you.

Well I did just what you suggested, Ms. Cox. It so happens that while Peter Sivere claimed Demos was a whistleblower, the court disagreed.

There was an investigation.

The charges against Demos regarding the whistleblowing incident were dismissed by the State of New York Grievance Commmittee for the 10th Judicial District as "no breach of the Code of Professional Responsibility/Rules of Professional Conduct."

Which they would hardly have done
he had ratted out the whistleblower.

Here's the link:

I trust you will post this correction to your blog.

Yours truly,

Merry Kipp "

I See ...

So the Corrupt New York Courts Disagreed with Whistleblower Peter Sivere?

Imagine that.. Let's See.. over 300 Million in Fraud at JP Morgan .. or the Life of ONE Man? Let's See.. Who Cares? Well NOT the New York Lack of Justice System that is for Sure.

The New York Grievance Commmittee for the 10th Judicial District is CORRUPT, is Conflicted, is Easily Bought Off and Simply Let's George Demos get away with Massive Fraud.. and Corruption and well there you have it. .George Demos must be telling the TRUTH if the New York Grievance Commmittee for the 10th Judicial District Says he is..

SO ya Right . .I am Going to ADJUST my BLOGS to the LIE and simply avoid the Truth. .. just because ONE Delusion Woman Says So..

Not Going to Happen..

George Demos DID Rat OUT Peter Sivere..

You can Blend it.. Twist it. .Lie about it.. Cover it Up every Which Way. .Whatever helps YOU sleep better At Night. .However the TRUTH Remains to BE The Truth..

And you had Damn well look Deeper then a CORRUPT Decision - Corrupt Investigation by the Corrupt New York Grievance Commmittee for the 10th Judicial District.

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger..
I Stand with the Truth..
and Peter Sivere..
is the TRUTH..