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Judge Michael Prezeau - Corrupt Montana District Court Judge Terrorizing Montana Citizens AGAIN.

Story on the Corrupt Libby Montana Judge Michael Prezeau

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"September 29,2009


My name is Susie Fisher and the following are true and accurate events pertaining to the marriage, separation, and divorce of myself and my husband Jed Stuart Fisher.
I am Jed’s third wife and we were married in 1988 in Idaho.

The atmosphere of our marriage was enforced early on following our vows. Mr. Fisher controlled every aspect of my life. He began by manipulating me into thinking that A good wife does and doesn’t do the following:

1. He cancelled my checking account and insisted that if I loved and trusted him I would want this.

2. I was no longer allowed to continue my education in Missoula, He convinced me that he would quit his job in Cut Bank, mt. as the weed department director as soon as he found work in an area where I could go to college. Never occurred.

3. He chose my jobs. I was no longer able to be Susie I was now his possession and He had a plan, for his life and I would behave and perform accordingly.

I could not work at any restaurant, grill, bar, and he insisted I take a job as a county employee so that he could keep an eye on me and so that I would be located next door to his shop.

4. Prior to our marriage I owned a home in cut bank and it was rented to a man working for Burlington northern railroad. I purchased this house when I was 18 or so years old and it was in my name only so it had to go. I received nothing from it.

5. Next he sold my car which I also owned outright and purchased a blue ford pickup truck for himself. He said that when I went back to school in a year It would be able to move our belongings. End of anything in my name. My freedoms gone. 1988.

6. He did owe lots of money though, he bought and owed over 13,000.00 for an iroc z, he owed over $8,000 in credit card debt for his ex wives furniture, his trips etc. He used all my money to pay these debts off. In fact I paid for new furniture for 4 years from sears that was taken by Mr. Jed Fisher's 2nd wife.

7. The first act on his behalf of physical violence came after approximately 4 weeks after our marriage. He apparently was watching me and following me each time I left our home and on this instance after I returned from the store he was waiting for me at the door and he grabbed me by the throat and hair half dragging me half throwing me into a side chair in our foyer.

He was a different person and I will never forget the fear I felt and how I was so confused at why this was happening. He was a mad man .

He told me that he saw me wave at a man in another car as I was driving.

I was so terrified and I felt guilt without even knowing what I had done, or if I did wave. he was not allowing me to even think. It turned out that the man was really Amber Withers, a girl whom I had known since we were little, we were tom-boys and played baseball all through school up until I left for college in Missoula. This was lesson one. And just a taste of the nightmare being Mrs. Jed Fisher would become for me and my children.

I will not list all the specific events and how over a brief amount of time he owned me, He had me trained to obey, to feel that It was my fault that he had to punish me. A favorite statement from him is “if you were a better wife and knew how to be the wife I deserve than none of this would happen.”

I was cut off from all of my friends and my family.

Most people who do not live and endure ongoing brainwashing, abuse, mental attacks, do not understand why I stayed. All I can say is I was so focused on pleasing him and making sure I didn’t get in trouble or do anything wrong that I didn’t see or even notice that Susie was gone.

I wanted nothing except a family, children and I assumed that he was right and He made me believe that he was all knowing, perfect, and that I came from less than he in every way so he was only helping me to do and be what a good wife is.

I became pregnant with Roman in 1989 and I knew already that I was being lied to about every promise Jed Fisher made me.

I was put in my place mentally and physically any time I challenged him.

Mostly he fabricated events to gain pleasure from torturing me.

I had these and thousands of these forms of mental and physical torture bombard me on what seemed like moment to moment, day to day, Jed reminded me of how easy he could destroy me and would how He would be believed and I would never see my children. So I had better give when he said give, do what he said, smile when he said, obey!!!!!!

And even if I was perfect he still found satisfaction both sexually and emotionally from these endless games of torture towards me, towards and in front of my children. Roman then soon it would be both he and My Meggie Sue.

These characteristics are very important because he has and is using them on my children right now only he is a master of them and is confident that he can get, destroy, control, manipulate and has a right to do so to anything that he owns including our children, he did own me or to get the end results that benefits Jed Fisher’s narcissistic, evil need to devour and control.

‘"No one leaves him alive”.
Not me, he made sure he took
what I lived for.

I am forever partially dead because I can not get back the lost moments of love I needed to give my children when they needed me.

I continue to be walking but he murdered the most beautiful, special, hopeful, and loving mother, person I have ever known…. Susie. And I somehow was unable to see it or stop it until it was too late.

The abuse of my children began in the womb.

When I was 8 months pregnant with my son Roman. Jed Fisher, myself, his father, Karen Fisher, Ray Bouma, and Kim Bouma were all staying in a hotel room in Kalispell.

We had come because Jed Fisher was attempting to get the weed position there. I was left in the hotel room and upon Jed’s returning Ray asked Jed S. Fisher to repay him the money that apparently Jed had borrowed and lost gambling.

Jed Fisher was unemployed and we had my unemployment and his, a baby on the way, no insurance, and Jed had told me that he had quit gambling.

I asked Ray if Jed owed him money and he said yes. Jed said nothing in the hallway he waited until we were in our room where he began to choke and hit me.

Once again it was my fault, he was punishing me for his actions, his lies, his being caught in a lie and my embarrassing him in front of Ray and his family.

He was attacking me so violently that his dad, Jim Fisher, [now deceased] heard it inside his room and came running to find out what was going on. Pappy, Jim saved me that night, he grabbed Jed, and threatened to kill him if he ever laid a hand on me again.

I packed my suitcase and was leaving, again Jed began his pattern of abuse and then remorse. He was crying and begging me to stay.

I stayed because pappy asked me to give him another chance. Pappy had a bad heart and Jed said that I would kill him if I left.

Pappy, Jim Fisher, kept his promise. I went to stay with him in Conrad until I delivered in Milk River Alberta. Jed Fisher stayed in Kalispell as a weed dept. employee.

Pappy took me and came in with me to all my doctor appointments. He made sure that I was not alone and I was relieved that he loved me and my unborn baby so much.

Jed Fisher seemed not to care and in fact this situation was perfect Jed had me under thumb he would call and intensely question me about where I went, who spoke to me, what I said, etc.

He continued this behavior throughout our marriage and even now he at times does it on my cell phone. The calls were between 20 to 30 times a day. He psychologically traumatized me over our marriage in the same manner he now is enforcing onto my children.

Here is an example before I move on.

I had never been allowed to go anywhere out of town for fun without him, nor anywhere period. But when I was asked to join a former friend on an overnight trip to Idaho to watch her son play soccer I got up enough nerve to tell Jed I wanted to go.

He punished me with tyrants of verbal assaults, threats, shoves, pushing, for 2 weeks leading up to my going. This behavior usually worked because I would be unable to take his abuse before and after if I went against his rules or even dared to ask to do something. This time, I believe in 1999, I went anyway.

He had over 8 messages waiting as we checked into the hotel. I phoned him and he said I needed to get my ass home or he was coming to get me.

I remember crying thinking oh God what did I do now. I begged him to tell me. He played the manipulative and oh so polished mental abusive games of threatening to take Roman from me. To destroy me.

To take everything we owned. He would hang up. I would wait and was hysterical there was nothing I could do so far away. After hours of this he said he was almost to my room and then he told me the following:

Some man dropped off a book on our porch this morning after you had left and he said you borrowed it to him while you both met in physical therapy at the pool. Jed continued to add, that it was a nasty filthy book and that this man circled in red all these erotic, sexually explicate words and phrases as a secret note to my and this mans intentions sexually.”

If you can imagine 10 years of this and I was still no where near understanding this man I had married all I knew was that for sure, innocent or guilty, didn’t matter I was going to be made to pay emotionally and physically.

I was made to get into Jed’s car and we headed home after his seeing me suffer for over 100 miles, crying and denying knowing any man, ever cheating, ever thinking of cheating, Jed turned to me and laughed. He laughed. He then said he found my Stephan King book and he circled all the swear words in it and the whole thing was a joke and a test to see if I was cheating on him.

I was so relieved that I had not done anything wrong and that I was not loosing my mind and forgetting I had, that I actually was relieved. Jed Fisher gets what he wants and if he wants to destroy a person he will. These are his words his threats.

These are the things being inflicted upon my little girl Meaghan and Roman.

In 2000, I found out I was expecting again, I felt so blessed. I had suffered a terrible and disabling accident and that prompted a failed surgery. I was so happy to be able to be a mother again and most of all to know that Roman would not be alone that he would have family. Jed’s family never accepted us. We were not from the same social status and now pappy was dead in 1990.

Kim and Karen hated and were extremely jealous of me I believe it was because of Jim fisher’s love for me and who I was. I never ever spoke bad about them nor anyone, I still made sure they received cards and gifts, I tried so hard to get them to not only show love to my children but to Jed.

They cared about money, material possessions, who they associated with and the coveted everyone else’s happiness and ran everyone without the material wealth of theirs down.

Karen Fisher never showed one act of love to Roman nor to Meaghan during my marriage to Jed, and I would be shocked if she has since, they are incapable of true love.

I was told I could not get pregnant by many doctors and so when I found myself in excruciating pain in late August I Believe of 2000, Roman called for help Jed met us at the ER and was mad at me because he was there, but he went to all Mt. doctor appointments he refused to let another man undressing me without his supervision and he was going to make sure that I was not enjoying myself or cheating I guess with the doctor.

When The ultrasound showed a baby, in front of Roman Jed Fisher demanded that the doctor kill it.

In fact those were his first words and recall Roman began to cry. Jed backed up and said” I am not having another child I plan on retiring with my money in a few years”.

The doctor stepped out and Jed told Roman that if I have this baby that I will not love him any more. Jed Fisher beat me pregnant with Meaghan in Kalispell, in Conrad ,Severely.

I had Meaghan and he continued his wrath. She and I had to stay in the living room because he was verbally abusive to me and the children if he was disturbed from sleep.

He never aided in Meaghan’s care and in fact refused to even acknowledge her saying “I did not want her she is yours, I am not doing or paying for anything for her.”

I tried to save money he found it. I moved out when Meggie sue was a few weeks old because once again he choked and hit me, but the ongoing mental and emotional abuse was hurting my children and I had promised God that I would take care not to let them be hurt.

That I would protect them always.

Jed hated our children he was jealous of the time I spent with them.

He was jealous and tormented Roman if Roman showed me affection and not him first and more. Jed put on a great show for the public coming off as this caring father and husband, which further drove a wedge between he and Roman.

Roman could see that he was different and of course Jed blamed me saying that I am telling Roman not to love him. Crazy stuff.

The looks, the threats, the personality changes, we were living in fear of Jed’s next attack either mentally, physically, and both every moment of every day. The only time he claimed Meggie sue is when he could use her to look good to others.

In June of 2002 I was diagnosed with lesions M.S. and this is the factor that set off the chain of events leading up to present. Jed’s first response was with a smile to tell Roman that his mom was going to die.

Roman was alone with him and I heard this and took both children into the living room began comforting them and assuring them that mom wasn’t going anywhere.

Jed Fisher next canceled our life insurance company and requested that a rep come to get more life insurance on me before anyone knew I had been diagnosed with MS.

The night that the insurance man came Jed told me he would pay the extra premium because he would get the money.

He then told me to be at the house for the appointment with the insurance man I was getting these special vitamins for the kids and was a few minutes late.

I knew when I drove up that I was in trouble the look from Jed was familiar. After getting the added coverage, Jed told the man I was paying and told me to write a check from the account I opened after I moved out when meggie was just born. I did so. When the man left Jed was still mad and said he was going back to work for awhile and that he would eat his dinner then.

When he left I and the children went to get some fireworks. I assumed I had time since Jed was at work, but when I returned Jed had not gone to work he left circled and came back to check on what I was doing.

He began to assault me calling me names threatening me shoving me pushing me demanding his dinner. Roman saw him strike me hard in the back as I was cooking and Roman got involved, I tried to assure Roman that I was fine, all is fine and to stop, but now Jed was just getting going Meggie was in her highchair right there. I thought I had avoided and that Jed would stop when I dished up dinner for the kids and took the trash to the street.

From outside I heard Roman screaming I ran in to find that Jed had him on the kitchen floor and was hitting him Jed was upright and using his boots.

I freaked out and told Jed to stop I grabbed up Roman and told Jed to get out . Me getting hit is one thing but no one touches my children. No one.

Jed began his routine of in and out getting one little thing at a time so he could keep assaulting me as with each entry. When he took a pillow I shut and locked the door and called the cops. He was outside threatening me. Telling me Was going down, that he would take my children. The police came and arrested him he was charged with assault actually 2 counts one on a minor.

He was out of jail and to this day has set out to seek revenge for my telling his secrets telling what a monster he really is.

He hunted us using and with the help of his allies, people he convinced that I was the bad person. People who believed he would never do such things. I was focusing on my children. Their needs, their little emotions and making them feel safe and ok. He lied on the stand, he lied in court, he blames everything on everyone else.

You can get the court file in Flathead county prosecutor Cynthia Forded came from Missoula after I phoned the attorney generals office stating that Flathead was refusing to prosecute this crime because Jed’s affiliation and status with the county. I had no one. No real friends, no one.

I was so afraid after Jed was let out and after his friends and employees began coming around and as they all made false accusations to welfare on his behalf that I took my children to the Abby shelter in Kalispell.

Jed was relentless he took the money and credit cards from our joint accounts. He stole all of the silver, coins, gold, and assets that I and He had put away for Roman and now to be Meaghan’s too. I was not handling anything too well, I just wanted him to leave us alone and yet I was never going to have this.

After 1 ½ years our divorce (which I filed for) was finalized in Libby Mt. in I believe June early July. After Jed committed purjury in both our divorce court and in Flathead criminal court he plead guilty and on the stand made a public declaration of guilt and apology to Roman he refused to do so to me.

I was told that if he was allowed to not go to prison on these 2 counts that for the rest of his life they would show on his record and that if he ever assaulted anyone, child, woman, anyone again he would automatically be made to serve up to 10 years the original deferred sentence.

The judge in Libby made comments so anti mother, and so pro abuser that he actually enabled Jed to continue his vengeance upon me and my children.

Jed and his friends were calling welfare up till the last moment(Robert Olsen attorney in cut bank) will tell you this the lies being told about me were off the wall and attempted to make me out as a murderer, a drug addic, a crazy person, invalid, sexual predator you name it they tried to lie about it. People I had never met nor had they met me or my children.

I have never heard so many lies and witnessed so much criminal and illegal actions as I did in the court room in Libby.

I was openly berated by Judge Prezeau.

He was the biggest enabler of Mr. Jed Fisher’s crimes against us.

So after that last day in court I had planned on moving to Arizona but the wellfare calls gave Judge Michael Prezeau a reason to keep me for 30 days pending yet another investigation which by the way welfare had done for over a year and found nothing bad about any part of my parenting in fact found no grounds for one tiny thing let alone the outrageous accusations Jed and his allies were calling them about.

So when 30 days were up I phoned welfare in Helena and they told me no file was open and that I had no infractions period. I had chosen to change my mind and move to Georgia because I was threatened by Jed and Mary Sevier that they were and had purchased a home in Arizona and would follow us there.

I and my children could no longer bare this abuse and it was my choice to protect my children so I filed an address change with the Libby court and after getting a home lined up researching schools, etc. We moved to Georgia.

Jed was to be notified of my whereabouts per Judge Michael Prezeau order and I did this ASAP. I also let Jed Fisher speak to them children but he did not want to until after I had been there about 6 or 7 months then all of a sudden he began calling asking questions about the area. He called many times a day saying how sorry and wrong he had been. He said and begged that we forgive him that he had changed had found God so to speak.

I was a fool because I was so hoping he would change that we would mean enough to him to change or that our children’s lives and well-being would that I believed him and in doing so was hunted.

He located the department of child services and he and his allies called them sent copied reports they had made of their lies in Kalispell and all it took was me going into welfare on the advise of a church member to sign up for housing aid. Once my name went into the system unknown to me Jed’s final strike was set in motion.

I am at fault for moving to a place where no one knew me. I had no friends and was so much a mom did not set out to win over and influence people. I love being at home and that was all I needed and wanted. I still focus all my energy on my home my baby my family.

Well, I had my son in one of the finest private schools in the nation. A Lutheran school he loved. He was head of the soccer team, a basket ball star, and elected class president his first year.

He had maintained an A average even there and we were finally able to attempt to live free from threat and enjoy life. I had waited till school let out and chose to find a cheaper condo in Peachtree city because my rent was $1500.00 per month and Meaghan would need tuition money soon also being unable to work I had a fixed income.

During this move the old condo was to be vacated and the new one was not yet ready, so I moved myself and my 2 children into a suite with bedrooms and full kitchen area just until the balmoral condo was cleaned and sprayed for bugs(this is a must in Georgia) even the million dollar homes have big roaches and all sorts of bugs.

We were already getting calls from Fayette county welfare and I tried to explain that the lies were just an abusive x trying to continue to hunt and punish me. The dfcs came 3 times at both places and found me to be a great mom and found that my children were extremely well taken care of.

But Jed persisted and in June I believe 31st of 2003 at 7:30 am over 7 big men and a woman came beating on my door threatening for me to open up they were taking my children.

These men were not in police uniform no they wore blue polo’s and tan shorts they had no badges and no warrant.

I had my children in my arms scared to death, I told roman to call the sheriff office and he got another district.

Within moments I was watching my entire door come in on us and hearing my children scream as they witnessed me be struck repeatedly by feet, knees, fists and as these men did this, people came and took my children I told Roman to stay with Meggie no matter what that It would be ok. These people were hitting me like I was a murderer a criminal.

They charged me with obstruction of justice because I did not open the door before they beat it in and took me to a jail.

They tried to give me shots and medicine but I was in shock all I know is that my children are out in the world without me somewhere alone.

I begged for someone to tell me where they were.

I was shoved down the halls and the officers made remarks like "you’re where you belong," Like I did something bad.

Well, in court it did not take long for all of the people Jed Fisher used to pull this off to realize they had made a huge mistake.

The judge had issued a verbal warrant to take my children with force due to calls from Jed and his Friends, family in Montana making unbelievably incredibly false lies, reports, about me to DCFS, there, in Georgia, to Churches they originated from Flathead county departments, Jed Fisher’s departments, employees, family, friends most I had not even seen in over 2 years and some I do not know to this day.

So either they could say oops and in their minds run the risk of being not only sued but in big trouble for illegally beating down my door, beating a innocent mother in front of her children, a disabled mother with MS and a spinal disease and ongoing neurological injury or they could try to find something to justify their actions.

Jed Fisher rolled in and left with my children.

They didn’t care what he was, what crime he had just been found guilty of, they knew by now that I would follow my children in fact they told me to go get them back in Montana.

This was after 6-8 months of Roman and Meggie being traumatized assaulted abused and held for no reason in two separate foster programs in fact they put Roman in a home for bad boy. Jed said he was dangerous to Meggie and Jed is trying it again right now. Motification in custody should occur as soon as possible based on what is in the best interest of Meaghan Suzanna Fisher.

The following circumstances are stable and accurately describe what Meaghan is being denied per the currant custody order which has placed her in the sole care of Mr. Jed Fisher.

First and foremost, I am Meaghan’s natural mother and I not in the past nor ever have I placed my daughter in harms way, inflicted any harm on her, deprived her of anything spiritually nor physically. I am a responsible, well adjusted mother, parent and wife. I have no criminal background and will prove that what Meaghan is being denied has is and will continue to harm her development into the young lady, person and far into her adulthood if in fact action is not taken immediately.

1. As of 2005 I have been a permanent resident of Conrad Mt.

2. I have established and continue to maintain the best home environment for a baby girl born on December 4th 2006, to myself and my soon to be husband Calvin VandenBos, her name is Trinity Danielle VandenBos.

I have and will always care for my step son Devin VandenBos, 13 years of age, and as of Thursday I am now continuing to support and to care for My son Roman Fisher. Whom was again verbally and physically assaulted within the home of his father Mr. Jed Fisher in front of my daughter age 7 Meaghan Suzanna Fisher. (see police report and statements filed in Kalispell by Roman Fisher).

I have a beautiful home which is my and my husbands, We own and operate a very successful business here in Conrad and we are both very involved in all aspects of our children’s education, futures, care, nurturing, health, safety, and within my and my children’s home I provide 24/7 for all their needs.

I do not owe debts above the amount of monthly home maintenance needs and that which I incur on a daily basis to heat, cloth feed, educate, nurture, and care in all ways for Trinity, Roman, and soon Meaghan. I have paid from my social security benefits per month for the past 4 years the full amount designated by the order now in effect.

With this I have also saved on my own money for Roman to go to College at Glacier Bank, Trinity’s future education, and my Daughter Meaghan Sue’s college.

I have been denied all rights to my daughter Meaghan and to my son Roman since they were taken wrongfully from me in Peachtree city Georgia and upon Libby’s judge Mike Prezeau’s order to without cause enforce that order since the beginning of 2005.

I returned to Montana because Georgia gave my children to Mr. Fisher when he presented an Order from Libby stating that Judge Michael Prezeau revoked the original full custody he had given me upon the end of our divorce being final in Libby in 2002.

Georgia had no choice but to relinquish my children due to the law between states such that Judge Prezeau had over-ridden Georgia.

In Georgia I did nothing I was found to even be innocent of obstructing the illegal taking of my children by the DFCS and that was thrown out, but only after Georgia was sure I would follow my children back and fight for them in Montana.

The order and Georgia code states as follows:

Reason for removal of my children by beating me and illegally breaking down my door: Deprivation Which is listed as follows :( mind you this is my words after reading the laws to fight for my children)

1. A child is deprived if he or she is without proper education and or if he or she is being denied an education that is at least equivalent to public school and from a certified home schooling situation.

2. A child is considered deprived if he or she is abandoned, living without any guardian, parent, or relative to care for and to maintain , provide the basic needs food, shelter, health, safety, guidance, and or spiritual teaching

3. A child is abandoned or considered so if they do not receive proper medical care and or not taken to the doctor when injured or sick

4. A child is considered deprived if they do not have a place to live with the basic necessities i.e.: water, toilet, safe from hazards, appliances, food, bed clothing, basic needs I have a 2800 square foot home on 2 lots, I have successfully fed, clothed, and obtained/maintained the best in health care a pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Hall whom will also see Meaghan, Trinity is being cared for in the highest quality of life with not only her basic needs met, but with a standard higher than 99% of all children in America. Meaghan received this care and more while with me. And will be given her own Room which I have hand painted with fairies and Hanna Montana items.

With a brand new bed from penny’s and all brand new items sheets, her own towels, I have supplied her room with shoes, coats, clothes, pajamas, books and every thing she will need. I am looking forward to letting her choose her own kitten and have refused to get a cat until she is with me to be a part of the experience.

5. Meaghan’s home with me is located in a very safe and extremely friendly small town. The High school tennis courts are across the street and 2 blocks away is the grade school she will be attending.

I have spoken to and am setting up a support system within the second grade so that she is able to transition without any trauma. Conrad has a higher quality of education and is rated higher than any of the Flathead Valley’s grade schools.

The class size is ½ that of Hedges and there has never been an instance of violence, drug use, illegal happenings of any kind on the school property or within the school. Unlike Kalispell, Conrad is a safe and tight nit community with an emphases on family, children, the elderly, and overall community health.

Meaghan has a new sister whom is 17 months old, She and Trinity have been denied the ability to love one another to bond to grow up as sisters. This is devastating to both little girls. Meaghan’s father Jed Fisher has informed Meaghan that I had another Baby girl and that I do not want Meggie.

I had full custody when I and my children came to start over in Georgia, my children were/are gone, stolen without a mother only because of the crimes committed by Fayette County Department of Child Family Services, by their illegally not following the codes, by their desire to take these lies and unfounded alligations to Judge Terrance Schell, By This Judge’s abuse of power, by the corruption that once set in motion as he ordered me to be “Taken with Force and my children put into the corrupt system” Georgia Fayette County had the opportunity to not break the laws and codes that are in place to protect my children and me they chose to ignore the laws, to harm my children forever, to destroy my life and their life with a mother who loves them, Georgia and specifically Judge Terrance Schell has committed the most aweful crimes against an inocent mother and her two children.

This man and hie co-conspiritors knew that they made a mistake moments after believing a convicted abuser 300miles away, moments after they beat me arrested me tore my children from one another, When and Why was there not one Honorable member of the system willing to stand up and admit this and then move as forcefully to reunite and right the harm done to me and my children???

Not one agency was/ is brave enough to do thew right thing even now I can not get the transcripts to clear my name to be with my Meggie Sue.

Shame on you Fayette County DFCS more so on you Judge Schell, you have the power to destroy and you did use it recklessly, but you have no Honoring of the Truth, the rights of the innocent, the lives of my children mean nothing to you.

Who will stand up and clear my name this false record of lies??

Who is brave enough?

I never thought that in America such EVIL and ABUSE of power could happen like this. I stand here as a Broken American Mother who ’s fear is not terrorists from over the seas But those Domestic Terror agents that have/ had the power to take what God put on this earth for this Mother, this Great mother to protect.

My Son and His sister’s lives are forever broken and they did nothing they Trusted that I could protect them, rescue them save them.

They are entitled to JUSTICE and WE demand that the Court and if Necessary God Himself make Fayette County DFCS Overthrow the order to illegally take my rights as a mother, to slander me, to Threaten me to sign a guilty form, and Reverse the order so that I can go get my little girl home. No other court will even rule or let me have a hearing because they simply upheld the Fayette County Order.

Judge Michael Prezeau has illegally allowed gossip, false evidence, false testimony, and his own open hatred for myself to not only take but to keep my daughter Meggie Sue from me for 6 years.

Judge Michael Prezeau is connected to Jed Fisher by way of his ex clerk Pival whom is the sister of a man that one of Jed’s main conspiritors paid cash to for under the table referrals to Culligan out of Kalispell.

I can prove this because Bob Pival was paid thousands of dollars by Shelby Nash Hunter and I was also forced by her and Culligan when I worked there to give Pival’s electric 10% of every order he referred to me.

I have first hand evidence that Shelby contacted pival for Jed Fisher during my divorce and the following heartings to get Nadine Pival to not only rule against me, but to not even allow me the right to return to court or move my court to get a fair trial.

We are talking about Crimes that a Judge, his Clerk, and Jed Fisher’s positions within Flathead County have legally kidknapped my daughter and my son , when my son was finally free He found me terrified that what he and his sister were told would come true.

And the worst of those threats did for my children because for 2 years Meggie Sue has been kept from all contact with Roman her only brother.

Judge Michael Preazeu refused to hear my case as he has and continues to do to Roman’s. Libby has no idea what mis-use of power is occurring there. ..."

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and the Next is Ravalli County.

Children are Pawns for Folks like Judge Michael Prezeau to protect informants, criminals, rapist, drug dealers and other Libby Montana Thugs.

ENOUGH Tyranny.. Speak UP Folks.. Tell your Story. I have heard thousands of them, please send them to me by name.. this has to STOP... Libby Montana Judges let this happen, the County Attorney let's Violent Crimes against Woman, Discrimination and Crimes against Men, Horror against Children and they Do NOTHING in order to Protecte Pay Offs, Drug Traffic, Fraud on Big Government Money.. and Decades of this ... WELL your Life is Ruined - you have no OUT and Enough is Enough.. Tell on them...

Email me Video, Documents, Proof.. The Law is NOT above the Law unless you let them be. I am the REAL Media THOUGH Montana Discriminates against me and my bloggers and strips us of our rights while supporting the lies of the Lee Newspaper Chain.. I am Still the MEDIA...

Judge Michael Prezeau is
Corrupt, Immoral and Down Right Evil.

Judge Michael Prezeau ruins peoples lives OVER and OVER.. Year after year and has NO Accountability? Why? The Local News Outlets Cannot Print the Truth or they are Run out of Business. Good Cops Cannot Stand up for Victims or they are Run out. There is Literally no where for the TRUTH to Turn. the Wall of Corruption is To High.

Judge Michael Prezeau has committed massive crimes against humanity and endangered so many lives. Judge Michael Prezeau endangered my Life, and it will be his Judicial Legacy as the Wall of Corruption in Libby Montana Will COME DOWN. I Guarantee it. The Law WILL NO LONGER BE ABOVE THE Law. Citizens will Not take your torture and abuse anymore. November 2010 will see even more stories then ever. So Send Them on Over. Time to Expose the LAW breaking the Law.

You have Rights..

eMail Your Story to Me
Lincoln County Montana Native
Investigative Blogger
Crystal L. Cox

Will YOU ?

God Bless You Susie Fisher. May Peace Be With You. Bless you all who have been terrorized by the Justice System in Lincoln and Ravalli County Montana. Bless You All !!