Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mat Stevenson: not to be trusted. Mat Stevenson, Montana Attorney is a defendant in $9M civil rights suit .

" Mat Stevenson does not want you to find the $9M civil rights suit to which he is a defendant . Do Missoula voters in HD 96 want to elect a deceptive candidate? Mat Stevenson would sell his mother for a political or financial gain. The Missoulian came to his defense attempting to block a former post about Mat Stevenson.

Mat Stevenson as an attorney hands clients over to the courts and does not defend them. I paid Mat Stevenson $5000 so he could turn me in for something that was not a crime. That was the end of my career, outside of my constitutional rights. Furthermore, Mat Stevenson tipped off the law enforcement to harass me as I turned myself in to authorities; he took a lot of my money, and my future, and had some fun in the process.

Mat Stevenson should not be trusted with your vote, or your representation in Helena. Mat Stevenson threw a different case for Ravalli County with respect to "horse abuse". The charge required intent to harm the animals.

Mat Stevenson showed the green pastures the hoses ate in within the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, similar to the greener pastures he wishes to have in Helena, MT. No matter your party, Carolyn Squires (D) deserves your vote in HD-96 on November 2.

There no words to describe the disgusting nature of Mat Stevenson, more adeptly described as a Shyster.

He plays the game that judges, prosecutors want him to play at the detriment of his clients. Due to him running for office, it gives me the freedom to tell the truth about him without fear of lawsuit. Your person is open to criticism when running for office, and at a new standard for public view. I've waited 3 years.

Mat Stevenson is the epitome of the old boy network personified as a 30 something bastard. Mat Stevenson plays with the dirty boys, trying to elevate himself above the scum he deals with daily. Montana justice ranks worst in the nation: much of the reason lies with Mat Stevenson. The truth hurts, the public deserves better. "

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