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Minnesota "US Attorneys Office IGNORES Massive Corruption in MN Bankruptcy Courts

Letter to MN US Attorneys and the White House on
Bankruptcy Corruption, Rampant Fraud in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

"May 29 2010 Letter to MN USA and Copy to Whitehouse

Dear MN US Attorneys;

We find it scandalous and surreptitious at best - that there are many rumors out there how Douglas Kelley is utilizing cronyism in a corruptive manner - as an apparent spokesperson for the MN US Attorneys office. Parties are purportedly subjected to "do it or you will face consequences".

It is specious at best - that the MN US Attorney's office has permitted the illegal proffering by a former member of the MN USA office (specifically Justice Montgomery) - who publicly supplied carte blanche Judicial Immunity to Douglas Kelley and G Hansen as Federal Receivers.

Petters conspired with Douglas Kelley to make him a counsel for Petters interest - who was then (in violation of Ethics/ Model Rules of Conduct) made the Federal Receiver. Who then continued the abuses of the Code/ Rule of Law by becoming the Trustee of various bankruptcy estates of Petters.

There is no Code/ Rule of Law that permits any Justice (federal or otherwise) to grant assignable Judicial Immunity. When such improper violations of due process transpire, are then utilized in furtherance of schemes to extort and coerce citizens to cooperate with veiled agendas - a Criminal Conspiracy has transpired!

You also have Chase Holdings listed as one of the parties for the victims pro rata.

This is extremely odd - given the fact that we informed your office in 2008 - that Chase himself was holding meetings instructing victims (and maybe even participants in the crimes) - to refrain from coming forth or else Vennes's connections/protection by venerated parties would assure their duress.

Such bad faith by Chase and his entity Chase Holdings was done in a series of meetings and the MN US Attorney's office was informed of such on multiple occasions.

These abuses of telling parties to do this or that - or else they will be subjected to prosecution - implies undue influence and abuse of powers through cronyism and corruption of the MN USA office.

With the many recent abuses of Receiverships and Trustee's (Rothstein, Freeman and Tolz) and the fact that Rothstein is also connected to the Petters/Traub affairs (via Discala) - one would think the MN US Attorney's office would err on the side of caution rather than abuse.

It is a fact that Douglas Kelley stepped up in public and stated that Jeffries was not a person of interest by your office. It is also a fact that he stated Jeffries earned her millions of dollars and such was not to be rescindable.

That is a concrete issue that is made extremely disturbing - given the evidence of all other mitigating factors.

Paul Traub is the brown bag king - and your office has done well keeping him and his entities (Fingerhut, Ubid, RedTag and more out of the lime-light).

With the fact that one from your office also had a direct connection to the Petters Fraud and demised in the most specious of manners; one has to wonder how much more wayward behavior shall transpire before you hit the straw that breaks the camels back.

The MN US Attorneys office is on the plateau of a huge scandal that can be avoided if the MN US Attorneys office would do the right thing.

You have to halt the bogus efforts of Judicial Immunity and admonish all abuses of power that are implied to have come from your office.

Chase Holdings and Palm Beach Prevost/Harrold's work with Vennes is a crime thus far unmentioned by the MN USA's office.

The lack of fiduciary duty upon such has permitted addtional mendacity connected to Palm Beach Links and their cohort

As usual - you can choose to ignore these words of caution. As did the CA US Attorney who responded in bad faith by shutting down the Public Corruption Unit and DoJ Deputy Director Lawrence Friedman over the EOUST - who chose discretion over valor by Resigning.

The Truth is a wonderful weapon for inconsequential citizens such as us - an inflexible sword most powerful against Tyranny & Corruption! You all swore an oath to defend America against enemies foreign and domestic. Are careers and politics with inner circle elites of more value than your oath?

I would hope not - now that the question is open before you; unfortunately the evidence at hand does not bode well!

Laser Haas "

Source of Minnesota Bankruptcy Corruption Warning Letter

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