Friday, October 1, 2010

Montana Justice of the Peace County Clerk, Bonita Cook Interferes with Justice and Puts Life at Risk.

Bonita Cook, Formerly Bonita Gwynn - County Clerk aids and abetts Criminal Activity.

Montana Justice of the Peace County Clerk, Bonita Cook Defamed Me, Endangered My Life, gave my aggressor the Red Carpet Treatment, Lies About Me and Ruined My Reputation.

Bonita Cook, Formerly Bonita Gwynn LIED to the Montana Real Estate Board about my Real Estate License, not even my client.. she made up lies to try and STOP a sale of a neighboring property she once owned. So to STOP the Sale she Went After My Real Estate Broker Career, she Flat out LIED. The Charges were dismissed, and yet Bonita Gwynn at the Time, now Bonita Cook years later decide to keep telling her lies. ..

so I get a Death Threat, I email the Local Justice of the Peace Stormy Langston as well as the Commissioners, Police, the FBI, Montana ACLU and many more. as well as the County Clerk.. and So Bonita Cook takes this email of PROOF of Who My Death Threat Came from and well..

She then Takes this Delicate information and GIVES it to the Man I claim is trying to kill me... She Told him about it and seems to have give him a copy, as he brought the copy to court.. it seems that Highway Patrol and Long Time friend of My Stalker, Neil Duram also contacted the Man I Was in Fear of My Life From and gave him this same delicate information. .then Judge Robin Clute used this against me to Give HIM protection from ME...

See Bonita Gwynn, Bonita Cook KNEW what I said was TRUE, as she was my Neighbor and the words I said about why I knew it was him, well she had to know there merit, as she was also his neighbor... So She endangered my life, defamed me and participated in a Montana Hate Crime, Ruining my Reputation and Why? All because I was in fear of my Life and reached out for help to the Justice of the Peace County Offices where she worked???

At my Hearing for a Protective Order.. Ron Duram, Neil Duram's Highway Patrol's Father and Mary Duram's Husband ( Long Term CLERK who RUNS the Town of Eureka - Neil Duram's Mother) - Well Ron Duram showed up to SUPPORT my Stalker. and Bonita Cook well she gave him water, visiting him.. laughed with my Stalker.. her neighbor.. No One Took My Life, My Career, this Hate Crime.. My Quality of Life Serious and are ALL Liable.

Ron Duram Also stopped people at the Lincoln County Fair to Trash Talk about me when I was TELLING the TRUTH. .

Mary Duram to this day does not miss a chance to say something bad about me and why - I was on the Right Side of the Moral Compass and MOST Definately on the Right Side of the LAW...

And after all the Secrets I Never Told ...

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