Monday, November 1, 2010

Let's Ask Some Questions about Proskauer Rose LLP, CEO Jeff Webb of Varsity Brands and major conflicts of interest.

So What is Really Going on with the Conflicts of Interest, Cover Ups, Flat Out Lies, People Seemingly in Fear of their Life from Proskauer Rose LLP and issues surrounding CEO Jeff Webb of Varsity Brands.

It Seems that Proskauer Rose LLP Represented Varsity Brands Inc. Chairman of the Board Robert Nederlander aka Nederlander Entertainment Group. It seems that Nederlander Entertainment Group owns over 300 companies globally.

Apparently "Cheer" is not a sport because the regulation that comes with it would cost Varsity Brands $100s of millions per year in revenue.

It is said that "Magically a federal court case appears due to Quinnipiac University being slapped with a lawsuit when they tried to make competitive cheer a varsity sport and count toward title IX. " - have a tip on this?

Why did CEO Jeff Webb of Varsity Brands testify against the "cheer team" but meanwhile with a huge conflict of interest Prosauker Rose represents the University, opposite of Jeff Webb and with a huge conflict of interest.

It is Said that Eric Dezenhall, a DC PR super star for corporate disasters as Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Enron, was hired by Varsity Brands to fight a grass roots organization called the National Cheer Safety Foundation. In addition to Eric Dezenhall they also hired 7 man crisis team at Ketchum Communications in New York. Why?

Other connections from Varsity Brands to Proskauer Rose LLP are Gen2Media, Cookie Jar Entertainment, Disney, ESPN, Universal and well isn't this "Media" cozy? Seeings how Proskauer Rose STOLE the biggest Media Technology Intellectual Property of our time from the Iviewit Technology Inventors.

Has Jeff Webb, CEO of Varsity Brands, Inc. ever been represented by Proskauer Rose? What Connections Does CEO Jeff Webb of Varsity Brands have to Proskauer Rose LLP really?

It is Said that Proskauer Rose came in as second or third chair in the federal case of Biediger vs Quinnipiac in Connecticut. The question is why did Proskauer Rose LLP come on board after the original filing? Seems to be another ABOVE The Law, Control the Courts, Buy off the Judges move by the Corrupt Proskauer Rose Law Firm.

Proskauer Rose LLP represented the defendants - Quinnipiac University, meanwhile, the plaintiffs used Jeff Webb CEO of Varsity Brands as an expert witness against cheerleading being called a sport for Title IX purposes. So all this Conflicts of Interest for Proskauer Rose LLP to Keep Billionaires in the Money and to Keep YOU Down. Proskauer Rose LLP Attorneys and their Corrupt Connections SHOULD NOT be above the Law.

Here is a Link to More on the "Biediger et al v. Quinnipiac Univ."

If Proskauer Rose LLP represents, or has represented, Jeff Webb and Varsity Brands in the past, why are they on one side (defense counsel) whereas Jeff Webb testified on behalf of the plaintiffs? - Conflicts of Interest? You Bet - that is What Proskauer Rose LLP specializes in.. Crminal Activity..

And Kind of Comes in Handy that Proskauer Rose LLP - Law Firm for MPEG LA is so Connection to Nederlander Entertainment Group,Gen2Media, Disney, ESPN, Universal and other major media connections - as Proskauer Rose LLP fraudulent stole the intellectual property of the iViewit Technology Company over a Decade ago. Kind of Makes Proskauer Rose LLP - well billions and billions and seems to be a very good reason to Keep the Corrupt Proskauer Rose LLP attorney

Also just Who is Eric Dezenhall? More coming soon on that Proskauer Rose LLP connection as Proskauer Rose was DIRECTLY Responsible for the Collapse of Enron through the Iviewit Stolen Technology. And Eric Dezenhall was involved in that as well as the Exxon Oil Spill Mess... so What's the Scoop?

More on the iViewit Stolen Patent at

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