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NAR is a Real Estate Cartel that STOMPS on Real Estate Consumers Rights With No Accountability

The National Association of Realtors makes NO Effort to Stand Up for Real Estate Consumers. As a Broker Owner I went to NAR over and over about Corruption and Ethics Violations of "Realtors" and
The National Association of Realtors Local, State and National DOES NOTHING.

The National Association of Realtors has Ethics on top of Ethics and Claims to Be of a Higher Standard However NAR is NOT of a Higher Standard and Does Not Hold "Realtors" "NAR" members accountable for the harm they do to the Real Estate Consumer.

NAR Top Economist Tells Consumers to Buy in a Time of Collapse, as was the Cendant Cartel (Sotheby's,Coldwell Banker, C21) - NAR has not accountability for Flat Out lying to consumers .. Ads, Billboards.. BUY ..Buy .. Buy.. Good Time to Buy.. Thing is.. IT was NOT and NAR knew it..

When we Blog about NAR Corruption, Anti-Trust Violations, Breaking the Law, Violating Public Trust - When We Expose the TRUTH about the National Association of Realtors Mary Newill, NAR Attorney Emails us and Threatens us With Trademark Violations. The ISSUE of ruining lives, breaking Anti-Trust Laws, Violating the Sherman Act Daily, Discrimination, Non-Disclosure, Failure to Disclose Adverse Material Fact,Flat Out Lies that "Bad Realtors" tell ... well all that does not seem to be of ANY importance on the NARCartel Agenda of Things to Do..

See Law Books, Court Cases and the Public In General Uses the word "Realtor" as a Synonym for Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker - yet Mary Newill Tell me that it is ILLEGAL to use the WORD
"Realtor" as a Synonym for Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker.

Mary Newill Forced me to Loose Hundreds of Domain Names with Realtor in the Name and I was then anNAR member, then when I quit NAR - Mary Newill got on my case saying it was a Trademark Violation because I was NOT a "Realtor" "NAR Member" ... Double Standards, Bullying Real Estate Cartel - NARis only harassing NAR Whistleblowers to PROVE that they Do Not Violate Anti-Trust Laws Daily when they do.. See .. they have to PUSH the Crazy Illusion of a "Realtor" is Way Different then a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker - The Dept. of Justice Requires this, because otherwise it would be Mandatory for a
Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker to be a "Realtor" and they claim you don't have to join - but hey if you don't we will ruin your life, harass you and run you out of business.. So Mary Newill Stay at her Huff and Puff .. Can do NOTHING yammering to STOP Bloggers from Exposing NAR...

NAR needs to change everything about they way they do everything and yet the big issue is whether I can Pronounce R-E-A-L-A-T-O-R Correctly and whether I use the Word "Realtor" when I am talking about "Realtors" ... There Really is Bigger Issues NAR..

You Break the Law Daily and Violate the Rights Of Real Estate Consumers and I For One as the Self Proclaimed "Real Estate Industry Whistleblower" will Expose Every secret that NAR has had for over 30 years... ALL Of them.. So Keep Yapping that I Use the Word REALTOR.. and well I will keep doing it..

The TRUTH is the Truth and the LIE will NOT become the TRUTH on My Watch...

here is the Latest Blogger Attack by The National Association of Realtors and hired Real Estate Cartel THUG Mary Newell.


"...Wow, I just got an email from a lawyer for the Realtor cartel telling me that I may not criticise them by name! Doesn’t the first ammendment to the consitution protect my right to speak freely?

Here’s the email and my response. I will post everything about this here.

Dear Patrick Killelea:

Did you have an opportunity to review the request I had made to you in October regarding yourimproper use of the term REALTOR®.

I am including a short video that we use to educate the staff on correct trademark use. This information can easily be applied to any trademark as it is important that they are not used generically if the trademark owner wants to retain their trademark.

As you can see by my correspondence the Association is concerned over the improper use of our Marks by nonmembers and we do write cease and desist letters to anyone we come across misusing this term.


Once again, I am requesting your confirmationn that you understand this matter and will remove our membership marks from your logo and website. We would appreciate your cooperation.

Mary Newill, Trademark Administrator
Legal Affairs Division


—– Forwarded by Trademark/Chicago/National Association of Realtors on 11/23/2010 03:27 PM —–
Trademark/Chicago/National Association of Realtors

10/07/2010 03:21 PM

Subject: Improper Use of the REALTOR Marks – Patrick.net

Dear Patrick Killelea

As the trademark administrator in the legal affairs division of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, your website Patrick.net was brought to my attention by one of our Members for its use of the REALTOR marks in the logo you are using on this site as well as the content. I have attached a copy of the logo below.

I wanted to make you aware that the terms REALTOR, REALTORS, and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE, as well as the REALTOR block “R” logo, are all federally registered collective membership marks owned by the National Association.

Collective membership marks are a type of trademark which, rather than indicating the source of a product or service, identify the user of the membership mark as a member of a particular group, in this case the National Association. Since this term is a membership mark, and not all real estate licensees are entitled to be identified as REALTORS, we respectfully request that this term never be used generically as a synonym for all real estate agents/brokers/salespersons.

To eliminate this potential source of conflict, we would appreciate your cooperation in revising this logo to eliminate the use of the membership marks. Many times this is as simple as substituting an appropriate job title for the term being used, for example, real estate broker or agent can often be used without making any other changes to the text.

If you would like to read more about trademarks and the rights of trademark owners, there are a number of sites on the Internet, which address this topic.

We are attempting to track our efforts in connection with the Internet and request that you acknowledge your understanding of this request for your cooperation and provide us with your estimate of when we can expect to see your site updated. Our e-mail address istrademark@Realtors.org.

Thank you for your help and we look forward to receiving your reply.

Mary Newill, Trademark Administrator
Legal Affairs Department
430 N. Michigan
Chicago, IL 60611-4087

Hi Mary,

no, I definitely did not get any previous email from you. But more importantly, are you telling me that the firstamendment does not protect my right to criticize the realtor cartel by name?

Let’s say I were criticizing McDonalds. Would I be forbidden to use the word “McDonalds”? How else would people know what I was talking about?

Note that your reply will be publicized on my website.

Patrick Killelea

comments on "Realtors attempt to deny patrick.net first ammendment protection"

  1. The Lanham Act permits a non-owner of a registered trademark to make “fair use” or “nominative use” of a trademark under certain circumstances without obtaining permission from the mark’s owner. The fair use and nominative use defenses are to help ensure that trademark owners do not prohibit the use of their marks when they are used for the purpose of description or identification. Fair use or nominative use may be recognized in those instances where a reader of a given work is clearly able to understand that the use of the trademark does not suggest sponsorship or association with the trademark owner’s product or services and therefore is not being used in a manner to confuse the reader.

    . . .

    An author’s use of a trademark for the above-referenced situations should be considered a non-confusing “nominative use” when it meets the following requirements: (1) the trademark owner’s product or service must be one that is not readily identifiable without the use of the trademark; (2) the author only uses as much of the trademark as is reasonably necessary to identify the trademark owner’s products or services; and (3) the author does nothing that would, in conjunction with the trademark, suggest to the reader sponsorship or endorsement by the trademark owner.

    http://www.publaw.com/fairusetrade.html "

    Come and Get US Mary Newill. The National Association of Realtors is Corrupt and I intend to Expose every Skeleton in Every Closet NO Matter How Long it takes.. Got any Skeletons Mary Newill - I have Had Enough - NAR Does nothing to Protect Real Estate Consumers that Lose Everything due to Corruption within NAR and Yet this is what is important to you.. us Saying the WORD "Realtor" when talking of a "Realtor" - are you Kidding - Enough..

    Time for a Class Action Lawsuit for Defamation, Harassment - against Mary Newill personally and the Real Estate Monopoly, Real Estate Cartel Known as The National Association of Realtors.
More on Corruption and Fraud in the Real Estate Industry, Supported by and Lobbied for By The National Association of Realtor.

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