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Why did Goldman Sachs Really PULL their Money From Lightsquared and who is Kathleen Murphy of Harbinger Capital Partners?

Kathleen K. Murphy is Senior Vice President & Product Specialist at Harbinger Capital Partners.

Kathleen K. Murphy joined Harbinger Capital Partners in April 2005 as Portfolio Strategist.

Previously, Kathleen K. Murphy was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs where she served as the High Yield Strategist. So doesn't this make Kathleen K. Murphy right in the thick of it for bankruptcies, money schemes and investor fraud that was going on at goldman sachs ?

More on Goldman Sachs Corruption -

And doesn't this make Kathleen K. Murphy in a prime position for knowledge of the "Sub Prime Mortgage Industry" and related billions.

So what role did Kathleen K. Murphy really play at Goldman Sachs during all this Big Money, screw over investors - Home Owners and well.. what role did Kathleen K. Murphy formerly of Goldman Sachs have in the Secondary Mortgage Market - the Subprime Mortgages Market?

Who did Philip Falcone work with to invest the RIGHT Way in the Subprime Mortgages Market? The mortgage industry was targeting real estate victims in mass and lying hand over fist, folks like Goldman Sachs knew this and kept taking money. The Lenders and SubprimeMortgages Market big wigs planned their exit, and of course their bailout... however homeowners - real estate victims still pay the price of this deliberate Mass Predatory Lending Fraud.

As a Real Estate Broker owner for over a decade I had a front row seat as NAR was lying to consumers and money was easy... Appraisals were Not Accurate, MLS Data was not polices and surely a VP at Goldman Sachs would see it all coming... did Kathleen K. Murphy know PhilipFalcone when this Goldman Sachs VP ? How did she get the Job She has now? Which is VP at Harbinger and Woman in Charge of Sassing Bloggers who trash talk Corrupt Attorneys Like Curtis Lu of Lightsquared.

And How Did Philip Falcone come to Hire Kathleen K. Murphy?

"Philip Falcone, the hedge fund manager who made a fortune betting against subprimemortgages in 2007"

Kathleen K. Murphy started working at Harbinger Capital Partners in 2005 and I Say she brought secret industry knowledge of the Subprime Mortgages Market from her prior jobs at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.

I have started writings on how smart Philip Falcone was to bet against the Mortgage industry. As a real estate industry whistleblower I certainly would have done the same had I that kind of money to invest. Thing is did Philip Falcone think of this on his own? Or did Kathleen K. Murphy formerly of Goldman Sachs and a Former Associate at Credit Suisse give some inside information to Harbinger Capital Partners? I mean Harbinger Capital Partners must have to keep Kathleen K. Murphy as VP for some reason.. maybe she knows too much.

I spoke with Philip Falcone on thinking that Goldman Sachs was in bed with Verizon and that was why Goldman Sachs pulled their money from Lightsquared and in such a media blitz way, for I felt it was to suppress Lightsquared and keep them from Topping Verizon. But maybe Philip Falcone wants Verizon, Goldman Sachs or maybe even AT&T to buy Lightsquared and maybe he has no intention of seeing it fully Develop. Maybe the Goldman Sachs thing is a ruse behind a ruse.

Maybe Goldman Sachs want investors to believe they pulled 120 Million from Harbinger but really there is more then meets the eye?

It seems to me now after the last month that Philip Falcone may be a bit naive as to the Extreme Corruption and Greed in the playing field he is in. So he is either a very good game player, or really is clueless on what these companies are capable of Politically and Financially in the big picture. And if Naive then how did Philip Falcone and Harbinger Capital Partners come to invest in a Market that no one else was backing and Harbinger Capital Partners happen to have an Ex VP of Goldman Sachs who would know about the collapse ... for it was kind of REALLY known by the Big Boys and they covered their asses good while homeowner are still losing. Well I Say that Kathleen K. Murphy's connection to Goldman Sach and Credit Suisse is what put the Bug in Philip Falcones Ear for Making Billions on Top of Billions in a Market that seemingly no "Portfolio Strategist" or "INVESTMENT ANALYST" was investing in.

More Coming Soon on Harbinger Capital Partners as they sit on my blog all day and google"Crystal Cox Harbinger" to see what I will say next, meanwhile knowing they had Secretly Controlled my flow of information with lack of follow through on stated words, details of that coming soon. With emails, Voice Mails, Lack of Follow Through and Empty Promises that I now believe to be something to stall me for some reason.. that story coming soon.. to This Blog..

So Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Kathleen K. Murphy was an Associate at Credit SuisseFirst Boston (CSFB) in the high yield research group, where she performed high yield portfolio analysis, oversaw the CSFB high yield indices and evaluated cable and media issuers.

So Kathleen K. Murphy had inside information in this market from many angles before she took her VP job at Harbinger Capital Partners in April 2005 as Portfolio Strategist. Don't think for a minute that Kathleen K. Murphy did not bring proprietary information to the table at her new job ... as Portfolio Strategist for Harbinger Capital Partners. How could she resist? I bet there is a money trail and secrets trail very long in the career of Kathleen K. Murphy.

What Does "evaluated cable and media issuers" Exactly mean?

I can assume that Kathleen K. Murphy was not really a "handler" or a "negotiator" of people because she sure does suck at people skills or getting media attention for Harbinger Capital Partners, and LightSquared in a Positive way.

On Nov. 7th - Kathleen K. Murphy emailed me this subject line and nothing else

"Are you kidding me? Get a life... :) blogger?
Thats impressive and value added.

a few Minutes late she sends an Email from Kathleen K. Murphy titled "Top 25 Most Powerful People in U.S. Wireless 2010/From Fierce Wireless" and with this was a Whole bunch of easily found stories on Philip Falcone and how great he was / is. The email also had a Google Alert for Harbinger, as If I never would have thought of that. and the emails was from
Kathleen Murphy
Harbinger Capital Partners

Yet it Came from Philip Falcone's Email ( I have the Original should anyone care)

Kathleen K. Murphy, I am told " is no part of PR at Harbinger" and I should not speak to her about such things, however Kathleen Murphy using Philip Falcones email account emailed me a Snotty Gram and then a Huge Email on Postive PR On Philip Falcone. What Happened Next Coming Soon..

As I am unsure if Philip Falcone new that Kathleen K. Murphy Senior Vice President Harbinger Capital Partners had emailed me a Snotty Message.

From the Bio of Kathleen K. Murphy it sounds like Katy Murphy has been in the "High Finance" industry for quite some time. You would think she would, at this point in her career have a better way of dealing with "media" then to simply send a Snotty Subject Line to a Blogger and think that will do anything but inspire that Blog to Get the Real Down and Dirty Scoop on Her.

Maybe Kathleen K. Murphy of Harbinger Capitals should have used her Big Girl Words and told me what she really wanted or really had in mind instead of just jibberish and links to what others had to say is if I was desperate for someone as smart as her to GOOGLE "Philip Falcone" for me and send me I would be sure to find them.

Surely I am not as Worthy and Smart as Kathleen K. Murphy, Harbinger Capital Partners"Portfolio Strategist" turned Harbinger Capital Partners Senior Vice President & Product Specialist with "Special Projects" having nothing to do with "PR"....

I say "Katy" has Secrets. I say that Kathleen K. Murphy has skeletons in her closet that spans decades and I intend to find Every single one of them. .. the Truth often in the Tiniest of Details.

I would be so Boldly as to say that Kathleen Murphy of Harbinger Capital Partners is a Cold Hearted Bitch... try that one on for size.. Or how about an Arrogant, Look Down Upon, Pompous, ... well I will have to come up with more tomm. but you get the point.. She sent a nasty subject line only email and then a condescending email and no words that actually made sense and yet she is a VP of a Multi-Billion Dollar Company... certainly she is only there for favors owed to her or secrets that she knows because she sure did mess this up.. Stepping in Blogger Scat .. that she surely did accomplish..

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