Friday, April 29, 2011

George Corn: The man the ethics book was written about.

If there ever were a way to gage, or on a meter tell how unethical someone was, George H. Corn now of Datsopoulos McDonald & Lind (Ronald McDonald no longer works there) would need his own scale.

I am the author of "Prosecute George Corn for Murder" for his role as Ravalli County Attorney since 1991 and it was not a comedy sketch:

The abuse and intimidation of citizens by law enforcement was from George H. Corn, FORMER chief law enforcement officer.  Please see the DVD "Beneath the Beauty" available  locally well seen.  All roads led to George H. Corn, due to the unbelievable coordination of all entities in Ravalli County--for evil.

The Stanford Prison Experiment is the best known psychology demonstration of the tendency to evil, that is attacking innocent people, in conjunction with Abu Ghraib prison, and GITMO; George Corn made Ravalli County fearful of him with his power instead of working for the people.  The FBI talk about Stockholm Syndrome, where captives appear to like their captors due to underlying FEAR.  George Corn perfected that with his "kingship" of Ravalli County Montana.

Bullock for AG
Visit...  to see the letter to the president which made Corn the center of the attention of all problems in Ravalli County.  We had to ask a US President who George Corn was--he followed no law.

See the Justice Archive George Corn banned by order of Court about Corn's Ravalli County:
[his protection was from friend Max Baucus's White House "bitch" Jim Messina]

One of the main reasons that Montana is ranked last for Justice is George Corn, a kingpin in the corruption in this Region of Montana.  When an AG candidate only lists Corn as a prosecutor he visited in his campaign, there is a reason---The two like to threaten innocent Montanans, and have.  I speak for the victims of George Corn who are now dead, in prison, or fled from the area.

Recall Steve Bullock:

Steve Bullock exposed:

They would say Boycott Datsopoulos, McDonald & Lind and Corn due to his very unethical behavior.
The people of Montana will be the only way Montana turns around.