Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Proskauer Rose Law Firm makes Desperate attempt to cover up massive secrets and decades of corruption by taking Blogger's Domain Names.

Proskauer Rose is so afraid of all their secrets pouring out as the Spitzer Secrets come to light and the NYAG secrets of Andrew Cuomo Come to Light and the Whitewashing to protect big time New York Attorneys exposes Proskauer,  they are scrambling and they want investigative blogger Crystal L. Cox to the collateral damage of a war that she is only reporting on and is no part of. 

My blogs post stories on Proskauer Rose and their connections to Criminals and Proskauer Rose wants to silence me so they are fighting for my domain name. 

Proskauer Rose is Tied to corruption in the NYAG, corruption over Enron's Collapse, and has been protected by the New York and Florida Bar and Supreme Courts and they don't want top of the search engine truth out there so they are coming for my blogs to shut me up, to silence the Truth, to STOP free speech and to STOMP on all Blogger's Rights by singling me out to take my Domain Names for writing stories on Proskauer Rose.  And the stories were not about me, many send me tips on Proskauer Rose and I registered domain names to post these stories

All Bloggers must protest as this is a major Law Firm coming in and saying hey you can't write negative stuff on us, even its true or we will make WIPO (UDRP) give us your domain names, yet Proskauer Rose can register names and hire peopel to register names to fluff up the good press that Proskauer Rose Law firm wants you to see..  

It is alleged that Proskauer Rose's connections to Cuomo, Spitzer, ex- Mayor Giuliani, Dietrich Snell and more all relate to the 9/11 Comission Derailing.  I write on bits and pieces and Proskauer Rose Law Firm Complains to WIPO to take my domain names. To Single Me out and take my names, Why? To STOP you from finding out the TRUTH about Proskauer Rose Law Firm. 

Crystal L. Cox
Investigative Blogger

More at ProskauerSucks.com for now
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