Thursday, May 19, 2011

Governor Steve Bullock? - Steve Bullock for Montana Governor - NO Way. Steve Bullock Protects Hate Crimes, Rapists, Criminals

As the Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock did not listen to our cries to hold Law Enforcement Accountable for Crimes they committed, Crimes they failed to investigating and Montana Law Enforcement that violated our civil and human rights and protected criminals to harass us, ruin our business, and threaten us.

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock will not listen to what is really happening in the Montana Courtrooms that break Montana Laws and violate our rights.  Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock is  not looking out for our best interest as Montanans.  There are crimes and cover ups in law enforcement, innocent people in jail, criminals on the street and Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock protects the county attorneys who let this happen and the law enforcement that will not investigate the crimes because of the good ol boy system.  Good Cops that try to not violate our constitutional rights get pushed out, fired, and moved on out of the State of Montana by whatever means necessary.

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock knows that it is common knowledge that a Montana Supreme Court Decision is $50,000 and that the average Montana Plea Bargain is $5000, to $25,0000 and is not based on Law but based on Pay to Play, you got the money, you don't pay for the crime.

I have got inside information for 3 years now on Montana Corruption and in running a Recall for Sheriff in Lincoln County, well we contacted Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock for help, Ravalli County Victims have begged for help. Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock is not listening to our rights as Montanans.

Much more on why NOT Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock for Governor.

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