Thursday, May 26, 2011

Judge Michael Reardon Hamilton, MT

The recall effort against Michael Reardon is active online to communicate to Hamilton, MT residents of the dangers of retaining this corrupt, abusive, power hungry, jealous Judge.

Sworn Affidavit for Judge Reardon recall Hamilton MT:

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Can a former JAG lawyer violate the constitution as he (JUDGE REARDON) sits in front of Old Glory?  He allowed a charge of trespassing on public property, known as peaceful assembly in the US Constitution as crime in Hamilton, MT.  If a judge wont protect your rights, who will?  Judge Reardon has stacked juries to convict people of protected constitutional rights in Hamilton, MT.

Judge Michael Reardon of Hamilton, MT has defamed defendants and lost civil suits (which the public pays the insurance policy premiums for Michael Reardons mistakes).  As a prosecutor for George Corn in Ravalli County, Michael Reardon charged a felony to a 70 year old woman who found a watch.  She and her Husband paid out $40,000 of their own pocket to make a point: Hamilton and Ravalli County are so corrupt that we must act.  The Book "Finders Keepers" was written for the same purpose: to expose "corrupt bastards (Julian Assanage, Wikileaks)".  REVIEW/PURCHASE BOOK AT
[you wont BELIEVE what happens to Americans in Montana; after reading the book, you will.]

A Montana justice documentary "Beneath the Beauty" also highlights City of Hamilton, Ravalli County corruption: 

preview/purchase at
The Link to the other reasons for recall of Michael Reardon of Hamilton MT is found at:

You and I are paying for Michael Reardon's three (3) comfortable retirements.  First US Marine Corps., second Ravalli County, third City of Hamilton, MT.  Let him wallow in that corrupt retirement.  Michael has to live with the fact he violated the US Constitution and abused Americans as Hamilton MT Judge.

Not much longer he won't.  Tell your neighbors in Hamilton MT: we need to recall a deficient public servant and Constitutional traitor: MICHAEL REARDON OF HAMILTON MT.

Judge Michael Reardon Hamilton MT is up for "election" November 2011.  Remove him.