Sunday, October 2, 2011

UM Legal accepts VANDALS

David Aronofsky, a person who I have had to block from my email TWICE for harassing messages, says on Youtube video (that 23 people have seen) the law clinic students are invaluable.

At the Univeristy of Montana Law school, students have been practicing law for 20 years, in criminal contempt of the Montana Supreme Court order that strict guidelines be followed.  The Order from the highest court in Montana was made in 1975, and everyone thinks it is merely breaking the "rules" when really it is breaking the law.

Where Montana Law Students learn to break the "rules"
the rules include the US Constitution
and the Montana Rules of Ethics.

David Aronofsky of University of Montana legal services gives great advice--that which violates University Policy.  A Univeristy of Montana employee who uses work computers excessively was condoned by Mr. Aronofsky although UM Regents policy 1301.1 expressly forbids it.  So the law, the policies dont matter when you are a lawyer for the University of Montana, covering for STATE SPONSORED TERROR.

Ms. Claudia Denker, associate to Mr. Aronofsky works in technology grants, but cant read a printout proving employee activity on a computer.  Its all too convenient, just like our last place ranking for justice in Montana; this means we dont know what law, policy or constitutional rights are.  Come visit soon.