Monday, May 9, 2011

What is Proskauer Rose So Worried about that are Using WIPO as a Weapon to Stop Bloggers. Proskauer Rose is involved in a 13 Trillion Dollar Technology Theft.

Proskauer Rose Has Known about my blogs exposing Proskauer Rose Corruption for over 1.5 years and now Proskauer Rose is somehow trying to convince WIPO that they should own my domain names, even though they have known about them for so long and did not say a word.

And what seems to be the Big Deal at this point in time for Proskauer Rose?  Well the house of cards is falling on the corruption at Proskauer Rose Law Firm, and they seem to think that taking my domain names will "scare" "harass" me into to stopping writing on Proskauer Rose.  See I have had 2 Domain names in the top ten for the search term Proskauer Rose for a year now and they have done all they know how to do in order to remove me from the search engines and so now they will just take my domain names and have instant, free search engine placement for life.  All the while Proskauer Rose knowing that I, personally did the work to make this happen.

I write on many of Proskauer Rose's corruption schemes and yet for some reason the big deal seems to be to try and convince WIPO, of all agencies that Proskauer Rose is innocent in the iViewit Stolen Patent case.  Now why is Proskauer Rose trying to convince a Domain Name Arbitration Company that they are innocent in a 13 TRILLION dollar technology theft?  There is the Perjured Deposition of Proskauer Rose Attorney Kenneth Rubenstein, there is documentation on top of documentation proving the "conspiracy" of stealing this technology really did happen and really did involve Proskauer Rose, yet in a FIGHT for a domain name, Proskauer Rose seems to be desperately seeking some sort of decision on a 13 Trillion Dollar Technology theft which is one story I write on yes, however I am not paid by iViewit in any way, and well I write on hundreds of stories surrounding not only the iViewit Technology Theft, but corruption all across the nation, and especially corrupt attorneys, corruption in media and tech companies and bankruptcy courts.

So Proskauer Rose sends WIPO and me a copy of court documents to do with the iViewit case, and well how is this my concern?  I find the story, I report on it and Proskauer Rose not only wants my domain names but seems to want justice over iViewit and well is fighting in the wrong court really.  Why not "go after" those involved in iViewit and writing the stories, the legal documents instead of the "reporter" "investigator" "blogger" who is writing on those topics.

Proskauer Rose is Guilty, and the Wall of Corruption will soon come tumbling down for Proskauer Rose and no matter who Proskauer Pays Off, "Kills Off", Harasses, Defames.... or How many Proskauer Rose Domain  Names that Proskauer Rose convinces WIPO to take on behalf of the best interest for Proskauer Rose, well Proskauer Rose will still, one day soon pay for the 13 Trillion Dollar Technology theft they were, without a doubt involved in.

A Few Proskauer Rose Corruption Links and Proskauer Rose Connections.

Proskauer Rose Crime Chart

Proskauer Rose involved in iViewit Stolen Technology Case

Proskauer Rose Law Firm Involved in Massive Technology Theft and Whitewashing Case as involved in the Christine Anderson Whistleblower Case.

Proskauer Rose Fraud and Corruption

...Enter Proskauer Rose

Proskauer Rose Motto:  If ya can't beat Em' Take their Domain Name.  If you can't invent it .. Steal it from those who can and if you suck at Internet Marketing well stomp your feet and get WIPO to fight your battles for you.. .. oh and of course the Main Gig Proskauer Rose has going.. If you just ain't smart.. and don't get this here Internet Stuff, it's Ok.. JUST Steal Someone Else's work and hard earned intellectual property then pay ya off some judges ... and WaLa "Yuse" Smart NOW.. !!

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