Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coalition to Save Our GPS - is the Coalition to Save Our GPS simply to save Billionaires Money and STOP Fair Competition ?

The Coalition to Save Our GPS sure did start a fast and furious "movement" in order to get people worked up and to get Congress, Senators, the FCC, the DOD, the DOT and more to rally behind them and to STOP Lightsquared.

Thing is Lightsquared has a NEW and Seemingly Better way.

The Lightsquared network will be "Terrestrial", another words there will be no dead spots in theory and add this to current possibly deals with Sprint that adds in Alcatel-Lucent Technology , the Cube Antenna and WOW, we may have the future of no Cell Towers and the Current Billionaires invested in Cell Tower... and well those Rallying Behind Clearwire, Craig McCaw don't want to lose their edge in the market place so they are creating a "circle the wagons" in order to get the FCC to STOP Lightsquared - TRUTH is Clearwire, Craig McCaw and his Cronies Clay JonesVance CoffmanJames Kirkland and more are simply creating smoke and mirrors to stir up chaos to hold on to their own financial empire. 

Got a Tip on any of these Guys, Political Favors or Connections?