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Deere and Co. Says that Lightsquared Wireless Service would “create massive interference” - So Does Deere and Co. Know this for Sure?

Why is Deer & Co. Sounding off against Lightsquared?

Why Now, and Who is it at Deer and Company that is speaking out against Lightsquared?

What connections do those at the top of Deere and Company have with say Clearwire, Craig McCaw, James Kirkland, Trimble, and others that are speaking out, or shall I saying crying wolf that there is GPS interference.

If there really is a problem with Lightsquared's wireless service interfering with GPS System then why did the GPS Council Give the go ahead 4 different years and now in 2011 seems to be telling a VERY different tale?

The article on Deer & Co. Says:

"Philip Falcone’s proposed LightSquared wireless service would “create massive interference” with precise agricultural gear guided by global positioning systems, Deere & Co. (DE) told federal regulators."

Scary words "massive" and "precise" - certainly would cause an uprising in all companies large and small and individuals that use GPS.  The facts seem to be of little interest here.

Deere & Co. must feel pretty comfortable in saying that - LightSquared wireless service would “create massive interference” - I mean surely Deere and Co. is a tiny company compared to the Billions of Dollars and Companies behind Lightsquared. And Surely Deere & Co. (DE) knows the Liability they have in speaking out so firmly when they don't have the facts behind them?

 Does Deer & Co. know that the folks at Lightsquared got the proverbial green light from the FCC in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2010 with an Order from the FCC each time re-affirming the Go Ahead for Lightsquared ?  If those crying wolf over lightsquared know this, and it is proven they knew any of this, are they not liable for Billions that Lightsquared investors may lost due to their yammering about supposed facts that they don't have?

Does Deer & Co. know that the GPS Council, the Department of Defense, and others signed of each of those years that the FCC gave the Order.  And all of the sudden now these same folks are changing their "mind" for some reason?  Is it based in fact?  Is the Spectrum really interfering with the GPS or is this just smoke and mirrors to stomp out competition?

And if Lightsquared is causing GPS interference then does the GPS Council, the Department of Defense and all the rest who signed off with the Green Light 4 different years, somehow have liability for this mess and for Billions on top of Billions of Dollars of investors Money?

In a sense the DOD, the GPS Council - well they should be liable for the investment money, those who personally signed off on the FCC Order and Professionally for ALL the money put in Lightsquared based on the go ahead that the Department of Defense and the GPS Council signed off on year after year.

Who at the Department of Defense signed off all those years, and what is there connections and possible motives?  More Coming Soon on that.. Got a Tip

So what Changed?  What is Really Going On? Well Let's Take a Deeper Look

What motivates all these folks to now attempt to stop lightsquared, after all these years of re-affirming the go ahead?  Well I believe it to be based on money, greed, stocks and not wanting Lightsquared to over take its competition.  Which in a sense violates Anti-Trust Laws as well as other Federal Laws that attempt to stop a monopoly.

Surely AT&T, Verizon, and Clearwire do not want Lightsquared in Business, for it looks to me that once Lightsquared really gets going, well AT&T, Verizon, and Clearwire will lose Billions.  So it seems to me that AT&T, Verizon, and Clearwire are not playing fair in any sense of the word.

Keep in mind that Craig McCaw is a Majority Stock Holder in AT&T and in Fact Craig McCaw of Clearwire SOLD his company, McCaw Cellular Communications to AT&T Corp. in 1994

So What affects AT&T affects Craig McCaw, Deals with Spring Affect Craig McCaw of Clearwire Corporation, and any competition to Clearwire Corp. obviously affects the Bottom Line of Craig McCaw, so Of Course Good Ol' Boy Jim Kirkland, once General Counsel of Clearwire Corporation is going to speak out to protect the interest of  Craig McCaw and Clearwire Corporation. 

So how does this all connect to what is really going on at Does Deer & Co. ? Let's Take a Look at who is connected to who, who is top shareholders, general counsel and all that good stuff... Shall We?

Top Shareholders of Deere & Co. (DE)

James R. Jenkins
Senior VP and General Counsel

James M. Field
Senior VP and CFO

Jean H. Gilles
Senior Vice President

James Israel
President of John Deere Credit

Michael J. Mack
President WW C & F Division

von Pentz Markwart
(Pres.Ag&Turf Div. Eur.,Afr.,ME)


So Motive for Deere & Co. (DE) to STOP Lightsquared ? More on that Coming Soon...

Connections of Top Shareholders ( Michael J. Mack,  James Israel, James R. Jenkins,James M. Field ,Jean H. Gilles to Clearwire and Craig McCaw Coming Soon.

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