Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dennis Stranger EXPOSED

Dennis Stranger the city "planner" of Hamilton Montana who strangely sits in on all city council meetings.  We are not sure if he is just too stupid to know that he is NOT on the Hamilton Montana City Council, or that he is a man that just doesn't "know his limitations (Clint Eastwood)"

In the last couple of months, Dennis Stranger has been on paid leave from his job.  It is due to his treatment of the other sex in Hamilton, Montana.  While one person gets a Felony charge for appropriately speaking to a librarian, Mr. Stanger can kick back on paid leave for months for harassing City of Hamilton employees to the point that they need medical attention.  Does Hamilton Montana sound corrupt to you?

Take this house in the "city" of Hamilton:
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Bitterroot River at River Park, Hamilton, MT                      

Everyone from the State Floodplain Administrator to County Flood Administrators to other mucky-mucks have taken photographs, surveyed the house site in the middle of the photograph.  According to floodplain maps by FEMA, it is in the 100yr. floodplain.

How to Build in a Floodplain
by Dennis Stranger of Hamilton Montana

take if from a Geologist--you are building in a floodplain.

Now, if you are city planner Dennis Stranger, you can allow such a house to be built in the floodplain.  The Robacks were charged $115,000 for placing fill on their homesite.  This Fox property does it while people are playing tennis or walking in the adjoining parks to the Fox property along the Bitterroot River.

SIDEBAR-  Angela "the Vandal" Wetzsteon was the 'prosecutor' on the Roback case.  The Ravalli "and to the" Republic Newspaper distinctly made Ms. Wetzsteon an expert Hydrologist, Geologist, and Floodplain Administrator in Ravalli County at approximate age 23. For more information on Angela Wetzsteon see:
When I asked Dennis Stranger about the Fox property being built in the floodplain, he told me to FOX TROT myself.  Actually it was FOX OFF.  This is an example of the rule of MEN in Montana and how they are Beneath the Beauty:

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On November 4, 2009 I was parked at the Bitterroot Public Library at 10:30am and was composing a letter to my film producer about a city councilwoman, and answering a question why she looked like "DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS OF MY CAMERA".  I told him what to put in the caption of that shot:

NOVEMBER 4, 2009 from the Bitterroot Public "Library" WIFI


  • caption‏

  • To iendedup@XXXXXXX.com
    From:Michael Spreadbury (mspread@XXXXXXX.com)
    Sent:Wed 11/04/09 10:37 AM
    To: iendedup@XXXXXX.com

    Dear Nico,

    please add when Nancy Joy Hendrickson shows her deer in the headlights look of guilt: does anyone know that I am sleeping with Dennis Stranger, Planner and Vice Mayor of Hamilton?

    conflict of interest, ect.

    please edit this movie to be the incendiary bomb that we wanted in August.

    (I had no control of content or editing of the "Beneath the Beauty" documentary)
    Michael Spreadbury

    You know it's funny Dennis Stranger went to the Hamilton Police Department and said I pulled up to the Bitterroot Public Library at noon on this day, and so did some guy named Gavin Ricklefs who I have never met.  It took them almost three (3) hours to make a 5 minute walk to the station.  Why would I be writing an email parked in front of the Bitterroot Public Library at 10:37AM (according to the email) if I was just pulling up around noon on November 4, 2009?

    Makes a guy go HMMM.

    I will be having a $25,000 reward that leads to the Disbarment of George Corn, former County Attorney (thank you very much) for anyone who can find a threat within a:

    1) Hamilton Montana Police report (unsigned by a supervisor--policies, smallicies)

    2) Within the information, sworn affidavit before the court which charged Felony Intimidation without a threat, in violation of free speech.

    GOODBYE AG BULLOCK: your criminal sceme with Corn had no substance, or cause.
    http://www.montanapoliticalnews.com/2011/06/recall-steve-bullock-of-montana.html [recall Bullock]

    Prosecute/Indict George Corn & Steve Bullock:

    I've been waiting for months for court "permission" to make public documents, well public.
    [Look for court documents, the "police report" so you can play: WHO CAN FIND A THREAT? ]


    Next time you see Dennis Stranger,
    tell him he makes up terrible stories!