Sunday, June 19, 2011

Does Catherine Wang Counsel for Deere and Company know that Vance Coffman and Clay Jones are "in bed with" Clearwire, Craig McCaw?

"Catherine Wang
Timothy Bransford
Bingham McCutchen LLP
2020 K Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20006
Office: 202.373.6000
Fax: 202.373.6001
Counsel for Deere & Company

Patricia M. Harris
Assistant General Counsel

Paul Galyean
Manager, System Engineering and IME/Robotics

Jerry Knight
Principal Engineer

Deere & Company

Deere appreciates the Commission's desire to foster wireless broadband services in any
available spectrum, including MSS spectrum, but it is critical that the Commission carefully
evaluate and address potential interference posed by new service proposals.

 In this case, Deere seeks reconsideration of the Bureau order granting LightSquared a waiver enabling it to operate powerful terrestrial only cellular base stations using its L- Band MSS/ATC spectrum for
terrestrial wireless broadband. In that Order, the Bureau failed to fully consider the devastating
interference that LightSquared's proposed service will likely cause to high-precision location
systems using GPS receivers operating in neighboring spectrum as well as co-channel
interference caused to transmissions in the L-band that are critical to precision location services
such as Deere's StarFire service in widespread use by major agricultural, construction and survey
customers nationwide. "

Source and Full Document

Does Catherine Wang Counsel for Deere and Company know that Lightsquared, got the proverbial green light from the FCC in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2010 with an Order from the FCC each time re-affirming the Go Ahead for Lightsquared ?

And that The GPS Council, the Department of Defense, and others signed off each of those years that the FCC gave the Order?  If Catherine Wang Counsel for Deere and Company knows this information then is Catherine Wang Counsel for Deere and Company acting in conspiracy with Vance Coffman, Clay Jones, Craig McCaw, James Kirkland and others to STOP fair competition in the launching of Lightsquared?

Does Catherine Wang Counsel for Deere and Company know that Vance Coffman and Clay Jones have connections to Clearwire Found Craig McCaw and Connections to the Department of Defense and that this presents a major conflict of interest for the FCC to even consider what Deere & Company has to say about GPS Interference?  Add this to the Fact that the most outspoken against Lightsquared is James Kirkland, Trimble Navigations General Counsel and James Kirkland used to be the General Counsel at Clearwire.

I Say that Deere & Company is acting in conspiracy to fraud the government and to fraud shareholders.

Do you you have a tip on Catherine Wang Counsel for Deere and Company?