Sunday, June 19, 2011

The End User in the GPS Industry just wants their GPS to work, thing is its the GPS Industry's Problem and Expense.

The GPS Council is failing in letting consumers know that the GPS Industry had 9 years to fix this problem.  And now the GPS Industry is rallying the troops per say to STOP Lightsquared and cost them Billions so that those in the GPS industry do not have to bare the cost of fixing the problem on their end.

This Coalition to Save Our GPS is about saving the GPS Industry MONEY, and it is pressuring the FCC by sheer numbers and force in order to create a false media frenzy to STOP fair competition. 

This Coalition to Save Our GPS is creating a Riot per say as they get GPS Consumers worked up, those who ride planes, drive cars, have boats and more all rallied by This Coalition to Save Our GPS in order to pressure the FCC to Stop Lightsquared from Fair Competition with AT&T, Verizon and with Clearwire who is really behind the GPS Riots with James Kirkland's Outspoken Lies in order to save the Financial Interests of Craig McCaw of Clearwire, add that to the agenda of the Deere and Company Board, and Favors at the Department of Defense seemingly pulled by Clay Jones, Rockwell and Vance Coffman - Ex- Lockheed Martin Big Wig.. and well what we have is lots of smoke and mirrors all to Accomplish... Saving GPS Companies Millions on Top of Millions in Change Overs and in Saving Clearwire from Take Over By Sprint, in my "Opinion".

Consumer Frustration is understandable but This Coalition to Save Our GPS is having you pointing you rage, frustration and proverbial fingers at the wrong "bad guy".   If you bought a GPS unit in the last 9 years, the Company should have told you or provided a trade in for an upgrade, and they did not so now they want act in conspiracy with Clearwire to STOP Lightsquared and protect all of their financial interest.

I get emails from GPS Consumers, I Know your frustration, thing is Philip Falcone, Lightsquared is NOT the Problem, the Makers of your GPS is the Problem, they knew.  Demand a Refund, or a Change... you cannot stop a much need competitor and upgrade in the Telecommunication Industry just to save money for major GPS Companies and Whiny Billionaire Craig McCaw of Clearwire ( Who is the REAL Puppeteer of the Fight against Lightsquared )

Truth is if and when Lightsquared gets going, Consumers will have more competitive prices in the Telecommunication Industry as a whole, GPS will be easier, cheaper and Better, Cell Phones and Internet will work EVERYWHERE, with NO Dead Spots and life will be better and cheaper for Consumers.... however the GPS Companies and Clearwire may lose Billions and WHO CARES really, It's how business works right.. Newer.. Better.. Faster.. more efficient and competitive rates is how business is suppose to work....

Got a Tip on any of This ?