Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hamilton Police outside jurisdiction

According to a Lee Enterprises article by Joe Nickell of the Missoulian:

"Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman said that deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call just outside the Hamilton city limits at approximately 1:35 a.m. Saturday [June 4, 2011]."

Hamilton Montana Police circa 2008; population 4,800
[Nic Painter top right]


Chief Ryan Oster, proud graduate FBI academy 2009
"sighting" of Detective Murphy here.

"...After interviewing witnesses, deputies and officers with the Hamilton Police Department arrested an individual who was on the scene. [outside of the (derived) City limits of Hamilton Montana]."

Source of Post:

The Hamilton Police Department is paid by the taxpayers of the city, and overseen by Mayor Jerry Steele, who refuses to do his lawful oversight of the police department in Hamilton Montana [MCA 7-32-4103].

The Ravalli County Sheriff, nor the Hamilton Police department have produced an agreement, which should pay the Hamilton Police Department for their time, equipment, and extra costs like workers comp, overtime, etc.  If you don't think I know what I am talking about, I used to do municipal reimbursements for FEMA.

No mutual aid agreement exists between the local government entities, and no paperwork exists for the charter, or incorporation of the City of Hamilton, MT. Since the City of Hamilton Montana has operated without incorporation, it is believed the "permission" to continue per Hamilton Montana officials is the 100 plus years that this scam has gone on.  Watch "Beneath the Beauty" for Hamilton's excuse for unlawful conduct.

Fulbright Via Facebook
Bill Fulbright is Ravalli County Attorney, Chief law enforcement officer, Hamilton Montana

A concern to the Ravalli County Attorney: if self defense is asserted (there is no way to tell if there is a viable claim to this) why are 7 felonies charged?  HB 228 from the 2009 Legislature, and Art. II s. 3 from the Montana Constitution (something all law enforcement officers and Bill Fulbright Ravalli County Attorney swear to) indicate protecting property or life is an inalienable right, unless you live in "Hamilton" Montana. So much for I will uphold your rights as the Ravalli County Attorney, chief law enforcement officer.  We thought we were getting more rights by canning George Corn.  "Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss, (lyrics courtesy of the Who)." Hear "Wont Be Fooled Again" on Youtube:

We have asked Jerry Steele, Mayor of Hamilton for documentation of this mutual aid, and I have promised I would indicate the next instance of Hamilton Police Officers outside of their jurisdiction to a wide audience.  Is a world wide audience large enough?
See our letter to the US President about Ravalli County, Hamilton Montana at:
When Law Enforcement is bad, look to their CHIEF--Bill Fullbright Ravalli County Attorney