Monday, June 20, 2011

Is Lee Enterprises remorseful?

A young man with a bright future wanted to spread the ashes of this late wife on the Continental Divide.

His name is Curtis Heydon.

Little did he know that as he entered the State of Montana, he left the United States of America.  There are no rights, no justice, and no one to turn to.  It is worse than the evilest of days at GITMO.
[We made a Documentary called "Beneath the Beauty" see it/buy it at]

The Missoulian must be remorseful of their acts, because they are trying to block the truth of what happened there.  They don't want you to read that their papers owned by Lee Enterprises Davenport IA have contributed to the death, and critical defamation that ruin lives--FOR THEIR PROFIT.

But they get paid for it.  They listen to, and protect their government "clients" in the State of Montana without rights ("Montanistan"), and they get paid.  These are the ingredients for Racketeering: RICO [Racketeer Inspired Corrupt Organization].

Funny, that ranks Lee Enterprises just above the SCUM from Enron who dissolved The Montana Power Company who were so arrogant that they just simply failed themselves and the country as they faded out.

Curtis Heydon never committed a crime in his 40 years until he entered the Ravalli Republic to say a last goodbye to his loved one.  Little did he know that he was kissing his future goodbye due to criminal factors in Ravalli County Montana.  Little did Curtis Heydon know that a national newspaper chain Lee Enterprises would profiteer off of his demise.  Little did he know that a Lee Enterprise reporter Perry Backus enjoyed every sick minute of it.
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[Backus reputation/Heydons]


Little did he know that Mat Stevenson, Offices of Big Sky Legal in Missoula Montana would orchestrate Curtis Heydons downfall, AND take money from them as their "lawyer" in the process.  What do you call the people who get paid to cover for unconstitutional governments: Lee Enterprises (on the NYSE as LEE).  Montana is ranked 48th in the lower 48 for justice by the USDOJ in 2007.

Do their investors, shareholders know that Lee Enterprises has a monopoly in the State of Montana?  Do they know the terrible story of Curtis Heydon of Georgia, or Michael Spreadbury of Hamilton, MT?  There are hundreds if not thousands of other AMERICANS who suffer for corporate profits at LEE.  Lee borows $1B and pays $27M in interest, AND cant keep their stock price up:
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[we have some catching up to do against their reporters]

When I see my blog post covered by an entire page of Missoulian posts, I know I have hit gold.  Missoulian, the Missoula Montana version of Lee Print Media in Montana is making money off of destroying Americans in Montana.  This is a call from the wilderness: what is to stop the criminal destruction of Americans in Montana?  How do we stop the crime so protected by former White House Staff  from Missoula Montana? [Jim Messina is now Obama's re-election head based in Chicago]

Lee can write articles about trespassing on public property and be protected.

Lee's Double Standard at the Missoulian, Missoula, Montana

VICTORY!! Stacey Mueller Publisher GONE. (October 7, 2011)
Why do our governments look away when the Constitutional rights, the civil rights of Americans are profiteered by slimy organizations like Lee Enterprieses?

Isnt Barack Obama Black, and wanting something called CHANGE? .....he blew it didnt he.....
[Note: when the first African American President ignores civil rights...he does not get re-elected.]
a link to our 2009 letter to Obama is highlighted below asking for civil/constitutional rights for Montana.
Were the ad revenues that came in from needless destruction of Americans more important than their rights?
Curtis Heydon from Georgia deserves better as he wonders what happened to him in Montana.
Michael Spreadbury knows what happened to him, and figured it out for Curtis Heydon and America.

We wrote to the first African American US President with the Montana problem that Curtis Heydon and Michael Spreadbury faced, as did the 4 county inmate suicides in Ravalli County Montana in 2005.
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On February 13, 2005 Fox Butterfield covered the "culture of suicides" for the New York Times about Ravalli County Montana.  The Chicago Times highlighted our now CHIEF Justice McGrath who pulled a MIKE NIFONG (the Duke Lacrosse prosecutor from North Carolina) by claiming a DNA cleared suspect was still guilty.  In Montana, the people are decieved, and the corruption can make you a leader:
Instead of disbarred, Mike McGrath is chief justice in Montana.  Curtis and My generation would say WTF?
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Montana is so dirty that it has to fail.  When the Missoulian is a part of PROTECTING Montana officials who violate the rights of Americans for a price, that crime must be exposed. 
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Lee Enterprises as print media exposed: they protect corrupt Montana officials.

Curtis Heydon and I are pissed that this could happen in our America.

Corporations (Lee Enterprises) are not more important than people who have Constitutional rights.

Lets be frank, and ephemeral, hypothetical and obtuse:

If America does not shape up, American citizens will do it for you. [OCCUPY AMERICA]

The VOICE of the Revolution
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Mr. Lee Camp--God Bless Him.
Moment of Clarity about Occupy Wall St.

If LEE ENTERPRISES doesn't wake up on this one, make an about course, you will be indicted.  Shape up people, we are "running on all 8" right now.  Steer clear of this crap or the indictments might have some Lee Enterprise employees from Montana on them.  Unfortunately, I am not the one typing them up.