Sunday, June 19, 2011

James Kirkland, General Counsel of Trimble Navigations is Sure after Shutting Down Lightsquared in Favor of Clearwire.

Clearwire, Craig McCaw is desperate for the FCC to STOP Lightsquared from Doing Business.

Clearwire, Craig McCaw seems to be getting James Kirkland, General Counsel of Trimble Navigations who used to be the General Counsel at Lightsquared, to Pull Favors, Manipulate Press, Rally the GPS industry and all to protect ClearwireCraig McCaw.

Sprint owns a 54 percent stake in Clearwire and Sprint resells its mobile WiMAX service.

Clearwire Clearly needs Sprint, Sprint Does not NEED Clearwire, even though Clearwire Shareholders suggest that Clearwire is Sprint's only option.  That is not true, if Sprint had the financial backing Sprint could "take over" Clearwire.  And with Lightsquared as an Option for Sprint, then Sprint would have the money for a "take over" of Clearwire.  Craig McCaw is desperate to stay in business, it seems.  However maybe Craig McCaw will just partake in one of his famous bankruptcy's and let Clearwire fold and start a new company as his record seems to show.

Link for Research of UnHappy Shareholders and Possible Sprint Take Over.

Karim Samii President in a Letter to Clearwire CEO John Stanton Says, "Clearwire is critical to Sprint. Its best customers are on your network. It has no 4G offering without Clearwire. "

Thing is Sprint does have another 4G offering and Clearly Karim Samii is Clueless.  Craig McCaw, desperate to stop the chatter of shareholders and keep up the facade is doing all he can to discredit Lightsquared so that Clearwire does not go Under.  The Truth is that SPRINT is Critical To Clearwire and not the other way around as Karim Samii suggests.  This is why Craig McCaw is circling the wagons per say and gathering all the cronies and connections he can to discredit Lightsquared.  This way, Craig McCaw can stay in business and be in a better positions.  Billions on Top of Billions MONTHLY are at stake here, and that is why Clearwire, Craig McCaws Good Ol' Boys such as Jim Kirkland - Trimble Navigations, Clay Jones and Vance D. Coffman of Deere and Company and others are rallying to support the cause of Saving Craig McCaws ass as there is a new game in own and Clearwire CLEARLY cannot compete, so its time for back alley deals, dirty tricks, political favors and calling in anyone who may be in a position to speak out against Lightsquared the the Public, the FCC, the DOT, the DOD ... may listen to. 

Clearwire CorporationCraig McCaw is calling in Political Favors, Calling in Favors from Ex-Clearwire General Counsel, James Kirkland who is now the General Counsel at Trimble Navigations.  James Kirkland is quit outspoken against Lightsquared and the Reason is to protect Craig McCaw and Clearwire.

You read the Forums on Clearwire Stocks and see that Clearwire Shareholders are thankful to James Kirkland, see if James Kirkland, General Counsel of Trimble Navigations continues to stir up the GPS Industry and get groups rallied to pressure the FCC against Lightsquared, well then Clearwire won't be taken over Right?

Stock Thread at Forum
Clearwire Shareholder says, "Thank God for Jim Kirkland"

James Kirkland seems to be making it his mission to stop Lightsquared no matter what.  Clearwire shareholders seem to believe that Lightsquared will not being doing business and that Clearwire will soon merge with Sprint.  James Kirkland says ""The way this process has worked...has been a combination of really really bad ideas and slightly less bad ideas,"   "thousands of manpower hours" from participating companies in the coalition have been poured into determining the feasibility of LightSquared's proposal. 

James Kirkland also called the FCC's extension-granting purely "procedural." 

So does Jim Kirkland have an in with FCC? 

How does Jim Kirkland, Trimble Navigations know this inside information, as if it to say don't worry Lightsquared won't be a viable option for Sprint.  All these smoke and mirrors to calm Clearwire Shareholders, when the Truth is that 
 Jim Kirkland, Trimble Navigations is misleading Clearwire Shareholders.

 Jim Kirkland, Trimble Navigations knows that there are documents of proof that Lightsquared got the green light from the FCC in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2010 with an Order from the FCC each time re-affirming the Go Ahead for Lightsquared ?

The GPS Council, the Department of Defense, and others signed off each of those years that the FCC gave the Order. Being the General Counsel for Trimble Navigations, and in the know of the GPS industry James Kirkland is committing a crime it looks like to me in misleading the shareholder of Clearwire.

If James Kirkland is deliberately manipulating the press, pressuring the FCC and creating a GPS Industry Stir to affect stocks and keep Clearwire from a Take Over, well isn't this Illegal?  Does the SEC care about this?  James Kirkland's rant against Lightsquared is affecting the price of stocks and whether shareholders bail or not.

After all is said and done it will be easy to Prove that Craig McCaw is involved in a Conspiracy to Stop Lightsquared that seems to me to Violate Federal Anti-Trust Laws, the Sherman Act and more federal laws that SHOULD prevent this behavior.

 Add that to Misleading Clearwire shareholders as Jim Kirkland and Craig McCaw are doing and you have some nice White Collar Crimes going on ... IN MY OPINION.. (as, well I can Read)

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