Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Montana law class of 2014

This blog post is directed to the University of Montana Law School class of 2014

Truth about Montana LAW

As you enter law school in August 2011 decide if you are getting a good deal.  Montana is MUCH cheaper than most law schools, but what is the liability?
Can you live with, Montana Law class of 2014 with ruining people's lives?
[you will prosecute using tampered evidence as a Student in Montana]:

Can you live with being a criminal, and justify it with the egotistical fact that you are an attorney?
[a longtime Montana Attorney who needs to be prosecuted for Murder of inmates (excessive bail)]:
Class of 2014 are you prepared to profiteer off of Americans rights?
Are you prepared to look the other way when ethical problems exist?
Disbar Angela Wetzsteon, class of 2008:

Montana Law school class of 2014 are you prepared to become VANDALS?

Is your stomach lining thick enough to resist  ulcers?
Will you drink excessively like most Montana lawyers and judges to justify what you will do?

Class of 2014 University of Montana are you ready to compromise any principles you might have left?

Does it mean that much to you Class of 2014 to become a Montana Lawyer?

Consider dropping out before coming out to Missoula Montana to become a vandal.
Will your (now former) professors like Peggy Tonon have to be hired to hold your hand three and four years after graduation and reassure you that you are a good VANDAL?
[This happened yesterday for Angela Wetzsteon '08 who practiced without a license.]
read more: [Angela Wetzsteon]
        [Peggy Tonon failed]

perhaps that safety Law school somewhere else wont make you a vandal.
Perhaps the Montana Law School rating of 172/200 means they suck at preparing you.

Perhaps you just have a problem with their ethics.

Or maybe Dean Irma Russell not meeting with members of the public, or the fact that the Solicitor General who violate people's rights IS TEACHING "CONSTITUTIONAL LAW". [road to nowhere]

Here is the number.  Cancel you indoctrination of Vandal Prep. [University of Montana Law].
(406) 243-4311