Monday, June 6, 2011

Montana Supreme Court protects court officer crime

The Montana Supreme Court is the cap and protection for the worst justice system in the continental United States.  In a decision Spreadbury v. Bell, [Cause No. DA-10-0442] the high Court (honorable escapes them) decided to condone crime within a courtroom.

A city attorney (prosecutor) in Montana cannot enter a civil courtroom unless given permission by a city council to do so.  Kenneth S. Bell of Bell & Bell Hamilton Montana was given permission by the high court to commit Official Misconduct, outside Montana Code Ann. MCA 7-4-4604 (City Attorney Duties).

Here is a link which tell you all about it.  This is political news for Montana and the Nation: THERE ARE NO RULES, LAWS, or CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS IN THE "STATE" of MONTANA