Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prosecute Steve Bullock for negligent Constitutional Deprivations

All political power is vested in and derived from the People of Montana (Art. II s. 1) NOT Montana Public Officials.

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Montana Courts are open to every person, with speedy remedy for every injury of person, property, or character (Art. II s. 16).

If George Corn, (former employee of Steve Bullock) & Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock acting in color of law, conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate Michael Speadbury of Hamilton Montana USA in the free exercise or enjoyment of free speech, peaceful assembly secured in the Constitution; protection of healthy environment, life and property, inalienable right in Montana Constitution (Art. II s. 3) with a combined loss of rights affected said citizens livelihood.

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They shall be Fined or Imprisoned not more than 1 year.
18 USCA s.242--Deprivation of Rights under color of law

Steve Bullock, holding the office of Montana Attorney General, George Corn, formerly the Ravalli County Attorney in Montana should be prosecuted for  depriving constitutional rights.  These deprivations occurred on August 8, 2007, November 4, 2009, and April 20, 2010.

Steve Bullocks's probation officer
without reasonable suspicion

Steve Bullock does not like free speech about him.
So they do unlawful visits. 

The abuse of established constitutional rights by Steve Bullock Montana Attorney General are actionable by federal authorities who have jurisdiction over federal laws.  The People of Montana do not deserve to live without constitutional protections, either State or Federal.  Public officials in color of law not immune to prosecution for depriving established constitutional rights of citizens.

Prosecute Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock for negligent Constitutional Deprivations, and his former county prosecutor, George Corn in Ravalli County Montana.
Montana requires prosecution to elevate our 48th ranking in the lower 48 for Justice, enforcement of federal law described herein.
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