Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Proskauer Rose LLP and Gregg Mashberg desperate to hide the Truth about Proskauer Rose LLP and Gregg Mashberg involved in iViewit Technology Theft.

The Hypocrits Liars and Thieves at Proskauer Rose Law Firm seem to thing that ReputationDefender will do such a great job making an Elite International Law Firm Look like children on a school project with this internet thing.  As ReputationDefender gets DUMB Domain Names and puts out fluff as if those Researching Proskauer Rose LLP and Gregg Mashberg can't look at the 1200 documents of FACT that Proskauer Rose LLP and Gregg Mashberg are involved in a 13 Trillion Dollar Scandal of which has caused massive shareholder fraud.

Proskauer Rose LLP and Gregg Mashberg have also used WIPO ( World Intellectual Property Organization ) to STOP my Investigative blogs on Proskauer Rose LLP and Gregg Mashberg, telling the Truth about Proskauer Rose LLP and Gregg Mashberg .

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Here is the Fluff on Gregg Mashberg of Proskauer Rose LLP Law Firm by ReputationDefender - Don't Believe the Hype on Gregg Mashberg of Proskauer Rose LLP Law Firm Look at the Links at the Bottom on Gregg Mashberg of Proskauer Rose LLP Law Firm and do your homework on Gregg Mashberg of Proskauer Rose LLP Law Firm, if any of my links on Gregg Mashberg of Proskauer Rose LLP Law Firm are down, email me for documents on Gregg Mashberg of Proskauer Rose LLP Law Firm first hand - - Real Research on the TRUTH about Gregg Mashberg of Prokauer Rose LLP Law Firm.

Gregg Mashberg of Proskauer Rose currently co-heads the leading New York law firm’s Securities Litigation &; Enforcement Group Experienced in appearing before trial and appellate courts throughout the United States, Gregg Mashberg has been admitted to the United States Supreme Court, as well as to the Second, Third, Eighth, and Ninth Circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals and the Eastern and Southern Districts of the U.S. District Court of New York. With wide-ranging expertise in many areas of law, Mashberg holds an impressive record of successful litigation.

Recently, in his work for Proskauer Rose, Gregg Mashberg succeeded in winning a summary judgment for a prominent British corporation in a commercial dispute, which resulted in the dismissal of a complaint seeking $100 million in damages. Additionally, Mashberg has also secured a $3 million federal jury verdict for a client in a stockholders’ derivative action resulting from a Wall Street brokerage house closing its doors. Furthermore, in addition to his corporate litigation work with Proskauer Rose, Gregg Mashberg continues his practice in public law from the early days of his career as an Assistant Chief of the General Litigation Division of the City of New York’s Law Department by representing various city organizations facing law suits. For example, Mashberg successfully defended the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority against a legal challenge to the organization’s decision to increase tolls and fares in 2003.

Moreover, Gregg Mashberg has also worked to extend medical services in New York City by representing St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Center in an Article 78 proceeding that sought to overturn the decision made by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to permit the medical center from demolishing a building located in the Greenwich Village Historic District.

The demolition was sought in order to permit construction of a new $850 million expansion for the hospital. A graduate of the NYU Law SchoolGregg Mashberg was elected to the Buffalo Law Review where he completed his first year of legal study."

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