Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sam Graves and John Barrow, among other Congress Members may be acting illegally in conspiracy to STOP Lightsquared from Doing Business?

Members of Congress Sam Graves and John Barrow and many Others Speak Out Against Lightsquared

Letter to the FCC Regarding Lightsquared, Such as this One
Fails to let the Public know that the GPS Industry had 9 years to prepared for this major advancement in technology and the Department of Defense has known for 9 years and was SUPPOSED to prepare for this change.  Almost a decade of time given to change this and now the billions of dollars invested by Harbinger Capital Investors, Philip Falcone Lightsquared are seemingly supposed to be Collateral Damage because of the lack of oversight of the Department of Defense and the Department of Transportation even though they had 9 years of advanced noticed and signed off on this go ahead ?

Clearwire's Craig McCaw has his friends and previous employees on the band wagon to protect the interests of Clearwire and Craig McCaw is, in my opinion, calling in favors with the DOD, the DOT, and as many corporations as he can call in favors and rally in order STOP the FCC approval of Lightsquared and therefore KEEP Sprint in the Mix for Clearwire and avoid a takeover.  The Documents of Proof are obvious, however the public at large don't know this and they are rallying to Save Our GPS, the thing is they are targeting Lightsquared and demanding that their Senators and Congressman STOP Lightsquared when they should be demanding accountability with the DOD, the GPS Industry, the GPS Council, for not doing their part with 9 Years of advanced NOTICE.

The Letter above from Sam Graves and John Barrow talks of history of the GPS, as if the FCC does not know.  Thing is Sam Graves and John Barrow knows that the Department of Defense, the GPS Industry and others have known about this for 9 years so why is Sam Graves and John Barrow speaking out against Lightsquared?  Is Sam Graves and John Barrow connected to Clearwire, Craig McCaw or the Clearwire Cronies Clay Jones, Vance Coffman or James Kirkland?  What Motive does Sam Graves and John Barrow have in writing the above letter to the FCC ?

They act like they are concerned on Costs to GPS Users... this is a Flat Out Lie in Order to stir up the public and get support when in fact they are interested in protecting the GPS Companies, who would REALLY take the cost hit ... NOT the End User... and these Congress Members are Out to help Clearwire, Craig McCaw as well as to STOP fair competition to Clearwire, Verizon and AT&T (which is in part Craig McCaw, as Craig McCaw has a Large Stake in AT&T.

Got a Tip on Sam Graves and John Barrow or other Members of Congress Against Lightsquared?
Inside Dealings, Connections.. ?? 

Link To list of Members of Congress Against Lightsquared

I Intend to Find out the Real Connections with them ALL...
Stay Tuned...