Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Esther Diemer, EvolvHealth on the Evolv Blog talks of Evolv Health Brent Hicks Giving away tons of Limitless Betalain, is EvolvHealth Telling the Truth about Limitless Evolv?

Evolv Blog talks of Evolv Health Brent Hicks Giving away so many EvolvHealth Limitless Betalain Samples.  Yet EvolvHealth Limitless Betalain sources tell me that EvolvHealth Limitless Betalain samples have been very few.  I Say DO not buy EvolvHealth Limitless Betalain - as there is, in my Opinion to little Betalain mg in the EvolvHealth Limitless Betalain and it COST way ... way to much ... Do Your Own Homework.. 

Seriously EvolvHealth Limitless Betalain is overpriced ... just to get this EvolvHealth Limitless Betalain MLM off the ground and make Billions on YOUR word of Mouth pestering friends and family to pay a MASSIVE price for "Beet Extract".  How much are you willing to pay for a Beet Extracts Betalain Product just to make Billions for an MLM Company, EvolvHealth - Trey White, and Brent Hicks. 

the Evolv Blog acts like they are giving so many eVolv Limitless Samples, Its just not true according to my sources... 

Evolv Blog Link that speaks of the supposed high volume in EvolvHealth Limitless Betalain Samples - which sources tell me is not true

Esther Diemer Says that Brent Hicks is making more they are giving so much away, however sources tell me that this is not true and that Evolv Health, Brent Hicks, Trey White have given very little Betalain Limitless Samples away.

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Also Note EvolvHealth is NOT the Marketing Experts they pretend to be.  The EvolvHealth Team does not get Internet Marketing and search, and EvolvHealthTrey White - Brent Hicks wants you to pay hundreds of percents more for a product so they can make huge money and WHY? When you can google the benefits and find your own source for a Beet Extracts Betalain Product.

Evolv Health is banking on word of Mouth and that the Thousands upon Thousands of Evolv Distributors are NOT smart enough to use google and say google "EvolvHealth Limitless Betalain " or other search terms and find NOT Evolv Health but me... See Evolv Health sent word to me that they are poised to make Billions from EvolvHealth Limitless Betalain with the marketing system the have in place it seems that EvolvHealth has a system that does not really include sensible Internet Marketing, oh well that hurts the distributors but NOT the Bottom line for the Corporate Heads ... so Who Cares Right ?