Monday, July 11, 2011

Joseph Leccese - Chairman of One of the Worlds Largest Law Firms don't even have the Brains to Buy his own Dot Com. Proskauer Rose Domain Dispute - WIPO Proskauer Rose

IS Joseph Leccese, Proskauer Rose LLP Chairman really willing to risk his reputation by covering up for 2 Dead Attorneys ( Steven C. Krane and Stephen Kaye), one Ex-Supreme Court Judge Judith Kaye, one Ex-Proskauer Rose Attorney Christopher Wheeler, and for Matthew Triggs and Kenneth Rubenstein?

I mean come on One of the Worlds Largest Law Firms and their Chairman Joseph Leccese, Proskauer Rose LLP is willing to aid and abett criminals, to hide and cover up documents ALL to protect less then 1% of the Attorneys at Joseph LecceseProskauer Rose LLPOne of the Worlds Largest Law Firms and their Chairman ????

So Joseph Leccese Proskauer Rose LLP wants to quickly cover up all that Egg on his face so I believe Joseph Leccese, Proskauer Rose LLP and others conspired against ME, Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox in Harassment, Defamation, Search Engine Blocking, and other Tactics to Silence my Blogs that Expose Corruption within the Proskauer Rose Law Firm.

"“one of the largest law firms in the United States,” and by Allen Fagin, Joseph Leccese, and Gregg M. Mashberg. The individual complainants are partners at Proskauer (as its been known since 2000), and have been quoted in various media outlets and named “Super Lawyers” by several publications. "

Joseph Leccese Proskauer Rose LLP was trying to use WIPO to cover up a decade of documents, evidence in the FACT that Proskauer Rose Lawyers were involved in a Major Technology Theft Over a Decade Ago. I Pick up the Story and Get to the Top of the Search Engines for the Names of those involved and for the name of the Proskauer Rose Chairman Allen Fagin and then the Proskauer Rose Chairman Joseph Leccese and Proskauer Rose LLP complains to WIPO to take the domain name that is in top of the search that they, the Brilliant Intellectual Property Attorneys at Proskauer Rose Law Firm Were Simply to Dumb To Buy.

And boy whoever Proskauer Rose LLP hires to do internet marketing sure sucks, so to cover all that up let's just take that Bloggers Domain Names.. How'd that Work out for ya Big Muckety Muck Joseph Leccese - Chairman of One of the Worlds Largest Law Firms ?  Do Your Homework.  Proskauer ROSE was involved in the iViewit Theft and if Joseph Leccese Proskauer Rose LLP

Links to The TRUTH about Proskauer Rose Involved in the iViewit Technology THEFT.
NOT Gripe SITES, the True Story of One of the Worlds Largest Law Firms taking advantage of the iViewit Inventors that Invented a Video Technology we all use - World Wide and the iViewit Inventors Got NOTHING.  As Proskauer Rose Law Firm controlled the USPTO, the State Bar in Florida and New York, the District and Federal Courts, and Seemingly the SEC, the FBI and the Department of Justice.

When your One of the Worlds Largest Law Firms 

Proskauer Rose Crime Chart

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