Saturday, July 16, 2011

Joseph Leccese, Proskauer Rose does nothing to "Clean Up" Proskauer Rose Law Firm, Why?

Proskauer Rose has been involved in a major scandal for over a Decade.  The FBI, Department of Justice, SEC, Florida Supreme Court, Florida State Bar, New York Supreme Court, New York Bar and more have known about this massive fraud for over a decade.

Now the Solution that Proskauer Rose LLP has come up with in order to STOP the Truth from getting to shareholders and investigators is to take the domain names of an investigative blogger, me ~ Crystal L. Cox.  Though I have done nothing but EXPOSE the TRUTH about Proskauer Rose Law Firm.

Proskauer Rose is named in SEC Complaint, what is Joseph Leccese, Proskauer Rose's new "Head Guy" doing to investigate this?  The solution seems to be to try and intimidate an investigative blogger to cover up decades of secrets, crimes, scandals and cover ups of Proskauer Rose Law Firm.

When Joseph Leccese of Proskauer Rose should really take a look at ALL the documents, evidence of the iViewit Technologies Case, as there is proof on top of proof of Proskauer Rose Attorneys involvement and it is without a doubt a major Liability to Proskauer Rose

There is no way to look at all the evidence against Proskauer Rose in the iViewit Stolen Technology case and to not see that Proskauer Rose attorneys are GUILTY.  So why is Joseph Leccese of Proskauer Rose putting his career on the line as new "Head Guy" to support criminals that are now under his management ???

Taking the Domain Names of an Investigative Blogger will now STOP the Truth.  There is too much evidence proving the Real Facts of the Stolen iViewit Technology and the Involvement of Proskauer Rose Law Firm. 

Here are Some Links to Educate Joseph Leccese, Head Guy at Proskauer Rose Law Firm on the major liability of Proskauer Rose over the Stolen iViewit Technology, in which Joseph Leccese seems to have been lied about by Proskauer Rose attorneys involved such as Kenneth Rubenstein, Matthew Triggs and former Proskauer Rose Attorney Christopher C. Wheeler. 

SEC Complaint Naming Proskauer Rose with Details as to what REALLY Happened

Proskauer Rose Liability information

Kenneth Rubenstein's Perjured Deposition

Proskauer Rose Crime Chart

Gregg Mashberg Knows of Fraud and the Connections to Whistleblower Cases 
in High Courts of New York

Proskauer Rose Sued in Trillion Dollar Federal RICO Lawsuit over Iviewit Stolen Technology

Information on this Case related to a major Whistleblower Case out of New York

Proskauer Rose MPEG LA Lawyer Sued Over Patents

Lots of Documents, Videos and Information on the FACTS of the Case, should Joseph Leccese of Proskauer Rose take a good look at the real risk Proskauer Rose face over this 10 year plus case. 

Other Links on Proskauer Rose involved in Major Technology Theft

There are over 1200 Documents Online, and massive prove in many federal agencies, federal courts, state bars and for some reason all are protecting Proskauer Rose Law Firm and NOT protecting the Rights of the United States Inventors which is a Constitutional Right.  Proskauer Rose is NOT above the Law unless everyone ignores the blatant evidence that proves that Proskauer Rose did in FACT commit these crime and is liable without a doubt for a 13 Trillion Dollar technology theft.

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Crystal L. Cox