Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ken Bell pushed limits

It has been reported that Ken Bell, soon to be the FORMER City Attorney for the "city" of Hamilton Montana is retiring.  That is the phrase used to kick out a corrupt bastard that cannot be tolerated by the rest of the crooks running the State of Montana.

If you have an elderly relative in Hamilton, Montana USA be sure to steer them away from Bell & Bell of Hamilton, Montana who charge for estate services.  The "City" of Hamilton Montana used to pay $1000.00 US per month to  Bell & Bell for their rent, and $70,000 worth of pay for Ken Bell, now former city attorney.  Lets just say that Hamilton was not getting its money worth.

Ken charged trespassing on public property, not being aware of the distinct difference between public and private property.  Ken Bell had difficulty figuring out the difference between civil and a criminal courtroom as well.  City Attorney Bell of Hamilton Montana did represent a client in a civil courtroom which is a misdemeanor, Official Misconduct.  Of significant note, Ken Bell Hamilton City Attorney set up the public fraud for the Bitterroot Public Library, which is at a stalemate in the federal courts: it has been proven with specifics, case law; it may have been the final straw for Bell.  We will just say that Ken Bell became too much of a liability, so they hired the "cleaner" Karen Mahar to replace him.

Karen's husband Geoff Mahar did not pass the suicidal tendency of an inmate to the Ravalli County Sheriff in 2005, and the inmate is no more [Brad Palin].  Please move to Hamilton, Montana soon.  They push the limits.
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