Friday, July 1, 2011

Reputation Defender Suck, ReputationDefender cannot even Defend their Own Reputation

Reputation Defender Sucks at their Job.

And soon ReputationDefender  - an Online Reputation Management Company Supposedly, will be named in Federal RICO Complaint as Reputation DefenderReputationDefender is being paid to cover up crimes, collusion, pattern and history of a 13 Trillion Dollar Technology Theft, and is thereby implicated in this White Collar Crime that has over 1200 documents of Proof online.

Reputation DefenderReputationDefender is knowingly protecting the Crimes of Proskauer Rose Law Firm, of Kenneth RubensteinGregg Mashberg, and oddly connected to Mark Sapperstein.

Reputation DefenderReputationDefender - go ahead and hire Reputation Defender, ReputationDefender they make such a mockery of your online reputation that your guilt is only there by solidified.

Reputation DefenderReputationDefender is VERY bad at their Job, Google them and then Reputation DefenderReputationDefender wants you to hire  to defend your Reputation.. RIGHT..