Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mark Sapperstein Maryland. Donald Stone Industries Inc. Patent Theft - Political Corruption, Maryland Attorney General, Joseph Curran Jr.- Glibert Sapperstein- Mark Sapperstein - Maryland Corruption - Mark Sapperstein

Mark Sapperstein - is the Maryland Attorney General Office Protecting Maryland Corruption?
Stolen Technology - Patent Theft - Political Corruption - Court Corruption - Mark Sapperstein
"Donald Stone asks this court for permission to make a brief Victim Impact Statement as part of the court record at the sentencing hearing of Gilbert Sapperstein."

"Stone has suffered irreparable damage to his patent and intellectual property as a direct result of Gilbert Sapperstein's Criminal Activity for which Gilbert Sapperstein is being Sentenced"

"... a Political Corruption Investigation..."

"Tracing Gilbert Sapperstein and his son Mark Sapperstein's Criminal Activities as far back as the 1980's early 90's..."

This Document Talks about the Connection to Maryland Attorney General Joseph Curran Jr. and the connections to Gilbert Sapperstein and Mark Sapperstein along with co-conspirator Charles R. Longo.

"In late 1991 Donald Stone formed Donald Stone Industries Inc. to commercial a technology Donald Stone had invented. By late 1993 under Stone's leadership, Stone's invention, still in it's infancy appeared to have tremendous potential in a broad spectrum of application. Donald Stone had initiated numerous discussions with major U.S. Corporations. -  Mark Sapperstein

Unknown to Stone, the Donald Stone Industries Inc. Corporate Attorney Greg Burgee and his law firm Miles and Stockbridge and the secretarty / treasure of this company Bruff J. Procter wer involved in numerous fraudulant schemes such as money laundering and federal bankruptcy fraud, primarily hiding the assets of the bankruptcies of Charles R. Longo in legitimate business such as Donald Stone Industries Inc."  -  Mark Sapperstein
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