Monday, September 26, 2011

Allen Fagin - Proskauer Rose Law Firm Seems to Know of Massive Proskauer Rose Crimes and had Not Disclosed. Allen Fagin Involved in Massive Coverups?

Allen Fagin - Proskauer Rose LLP seems to have known for over a decade, about Massive Fraud that affects Billions on Top of Billions of Investors Money, yet Allen Fagin seems to turn a blind eye in what looks like to me a cover up to protect one of the world's largest law firms, Proskauer Rose LLP.

Allen Fagin has to know that documents exists, the bills, depositions and a whole lot of information exists that seems to prove many Proskauer Rose Attorneys involved in massive fraud against investors, yet Allen Fagin, then Proskauer Rose Chairman, seems to have done NO Due Diligence in actually looking at this massive fraud against the public at largest, not to mention a, what is now worth 13 Trillion Dollar Technology Theft.

I am not asking you to believe me about Allen Fagin of Proskauer Rose Law Firm, I am asking you to read the Overbilling, Listening to Perjured Depositions of Kenneth Rubenstein, read contracts and legal documents and decide for yourself what the facts are.  Allen Fagin does not seem to care about the TRUTH in all this and Allen Fagin seems to simply want to silence the investigative blogger keeping the story alive.

It Seems Proskauer Rose is involved in Massive Shareholder Fraud, a Major Federal RICO Lawsuit, DOJ Complaints, FBI Complaints and yet Michael Bloomberg seems to just love Proskauer Rose Law Firm or at least the money that Proskauer Rose Brings in.  See Proskauer Rose controls the New York courts and it would certainly be a bad political move to cross Proskauer Rose.

Proskauer Rose pays massive amounts of money every year for PR, Media, and other marketing yet ex-Chairman Allen Fagin and new Chairman Joseph Leccese did not have the brains to by their dotcom in this day and age so now Proskauer Rose Law Firm is once again proving that Proskauer Rose controls the Internet and that Proskauer Rose will simply take whatever intellectual property that Proskauer Rose wants, no matter who built it, invented it, owns it or what you gave up in your live to build that asset, that intellectual property.

Proskauer Rose Seems to Be Guilty in massive shareholder fraud, money laundering in the madoff and standford cases and many more indescresions, ethics violations, whitewashing for Proskauer Attorneys, controlling the USPTO, controlling the New York and Florida Attorney Bar, Controlling the US Supreme Court, the SEC, the DOJ and more.. .and still for some reason Proskauer Rose "thinks" they are still above the Law and accountable to no one.

Do your Homework on the Massive Corruption, Cover Ups, Whitewashing of Proskauer Rose Law Firm.. if you find sites that go no where and want information, email me at - it will mean that Proskauer Rose convinced WIPO to give them my domain names in conspiracy to cover up massive corruption.  

Allen Fagin Proskauer Rose Corruption Research Links
Read the Documents on Proskauer Rose's, Allen Fagin Involvement in the iViewit Technology Theft and Decide for your self what the Truth is or why Allen FaginProskauer Rose Law Firm seems to be protected by the US Courts in this case and for over a decade.

Why Does Proskauer Rose Attorney Allen Fagin seems to do nothing to hold Proskauer Rose Attorneys accountable for the illegal behavior that seems to be in mass over the Iviewit Technology Theft?

Allen Fagin can Read I presume and therefore there are over 1200 documents of Proof Posted online that Allen FaginProskauer Rose Attorney could read for details of the liability Allen Fagin faces over the iViewit Scandal, yet instead Allen Fagin Proskauer Rose LLP simply tried to steal the intellectual property of an Investigative Blogger to Silence the Truth about what Allen Fagin Should know over the iViewit Stolen Technology.

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