Saturday, September 24, 2011

David Aronofsky is scum

Members of the public, alumni, anyone has access to University of Montana President Engstrom--supposedly.  When David Aronofsky's job is at stake, the Montana red carpet comes out.
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University of Montana does not allow Alum to speak to UM president
specifically UM Legal David Aronofsky tells UM Police to threaten alum:

What happens when you have information about the Chief Legal Counsel for the University harassing to the extent that TWO email addresses were blocked:  David Aronofsky exposed...

What I propose: email David Aronofsky, UM Legal Chief and ask why he harasses and continues to harass people on behalf of the University, then has the UM Police call to harass further to keep his job? Are we sure this man is not part of the secret Nazis who cant give up old habits?
David Aronofsky should not have his job. [send a nice email to David Aronofsky--with flowers or something]

Why does the University of Montana feel harassment, threats of community members is OK?

Ask professionals who have had experience with David Aronofsky from the University of Montana.  Threatening behavior, tactics which violate rights, laws don't matter, for David Aronofsky in Missoula it is all about protecting his ass.  When you are less of a player, you resort to dirty play.  The Chief legal counsel has proven he will harass by email, he will harass by proxy (UM Police) and David Aronofsky will harass by procedure.

You get your way when you break the rules, and ask people to do dirty work for you (like the UM police).  Law enforcement swear to uphold people's constitutional rights....often forgotten.  Perhaps when some are put in prison [Fullerton, CA], the balance will swing back to doing what's right other than doing what cowardly; people like David Aronofsky will learn (or most likely) screw with the wrong person as chief legal counsel for the University of Montana.

Most professionals would simply call that insane liability to have someone like Aronofsky pulling this garbage in the name of The University of Montana.  If you are within a state that has no justice (judges to uphold the law) punks like David Aronofsky "run wild".

Scum like David Aronofsky have to break the rules, and threaten people who whistle blow about their conduct.  Since this blog network has crushed NIH, exposed a white house scandal, and exposed the unlawful practice of a former UM law student [PS David Aronofsky is a adjunct professor at UM law] he underestimates the power of the online pen.  Just like a drunken prank, we are now scribbling all over the professional credentials hidden behind the University Hall offices of UM Legal Services.

For you see, we find that the truth works a lot better than threats [David Aronofsky pointed a criminal finger in our direction].  We are bigger than Montana's corruption, and misconduct.  To David Aronofsky's dismay, the University of Montana Law school has been exposed for its 172/200 status, and for protecting the criminal act of Angela Wetzsteon '08 in 2007.
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Do we expect threats as the best resolver of problems Mr. Aronofsky?  We realize that is what they taught you at Vandal Prep (University of Montana Law).  It is actually cowards, Mr Aronofsky that have to break the rules, and win at all costs against people with higher standards.

Indoctrinate the Vandal Prep interns of Montana:

David Aronofsky is known as scum, it is the reputation that precedes him in Missoula, MT as chief legal counsel to President Engstrom and the University of Montana.  What kind of respect, what kind of legal work is done when all of the law professionals come from Vandal Prep?  Working within the judicial system in Montana is like wading chest deep in sewage--the scum is very thick.

Montana Justice "officers" like David Aronofsky
Learn their trade at UM law
school ranked 172/200; Montana ranked 48/48
Former Dean Eck took presidential appointment in 2008 to look the other way
on criminal practice of a Montana law student
and get $1.7M from Max Baucus for this expansion:

at what price freedom UM?

David Aronofsky is a product of that $40M trash heap known as the University of Montana Law school.  So is Angela Wetzsteon.  When lawyers in Montana have to bend the rules to get their way, we end up ranked 48th in the continental US for justice.  Montana is last for justice due to lawyer product like David Aronofsky and his ability to threaten alumni to keep his top legal job at UM.

A subtle message to David Aronofsky on the green Banner: "use your power wisely"
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The two email accounts at the top of this page prove it.  Keep up your bullshit: no body knows how you craft your practice in the University Hall [except for those who do a bit of online research].  After how much time does your reputation catch up with you?  For David Aronofsky the seven generations came too quick.