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Philip Falcone - Lightsquared, Harbinger Capital Partners, Why Did Philip Falcone Hire an Investigative Blogger ?

Philip Falcone - Harbinger Capital - Harbinger Capital Partners - Harbinger Group Inc. Hired an Investigative Blogger to Turn up Dirt on Insiders of the GPS Council and those in the Save the GPS Coalition in order to Affect Public Perception and Dig up reasons why they were "ganging up on Lightsquared".

Philip Falcone - Harbinger Capital - Harbinger Capital Partners, Lightsquared - Harbinger Group Inc, in my Opinion has connection in the FCC that are On "his side", and I believe that  Philip Falcone - Harbinger Capital - Harbinger Capital Partners - Harbinger Group Inc, has connections with Intel's CEO Paul Otellini  that gets Philip Falcone Harbinger Capital Partners, Lightsquared - Political Favors, SEC Favors, FCC Favors, Special Treatment international in the Telecommunications Industry. 

I believe, in my Opinion, that Philip Falcone of Harbinger Capital Partners, Harbinger Group Inc, and Lightsquared have connections with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse that are way more then meets the eye and go way back to the Billions made in the Secondary Mortgage Market.  And I Believe that these connections get political favors still today. 

I believe, in my Opinion, that Philip Falcone of Harbinger Capital Partners, Harbinger Group Inc, and Lightsquared has been involved in many dealings within the US Bankruptcy Courts that need to be EXPOSED to the light.  I Believe there is alot more to the Larry Strickling, Motorola Connection and many other things that Philip Falcone of Harbinger Capital PartnersHarbinger Group Inc, and Lightsquared have been accused of in the last year. 

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Did Harbinger Capital Partners - Lightsquared Philip Falcone Hire an Investigative Blogger to Manipulate the FCC, GPS Council, Gently and Partially Expose NTIA members (but not to much Exposure), to expose Alan Kahn as a Serial Plaintiff to discredit Alan Kahn and alter public perception of the spectrum usage?

Did Philip FalconeHarbinger Capital Partners - Lightsquared Philip Falcone hire an investigative blogger to take over the search engines for what he wanted found by those looking for Lightsquared or any Spectrum Usage Issues?

What is the Real Story with the Political Favortism, Friends at the SEC, and other Political Fraternity and Favors Owed ?

Why did Philip Falcone SEEM to want .. to Go Easy on the "Intel CEO", and Intel is connected to the iViewit Stolen Technlogy as far as it seems to me and so is Curtis Lu, the Now General Counsel of Lightsquared that was the General Counsel of Time Warner Inc.  Here is a Link to Intel Corp. Involvement with the iViewit Technlogy Theft and Usage.

More Coming Soon regarding Philip Falcone, Harbinger Capitol and Andrew Hamerling, James Kirkland, Craig McCaw, Deere and Company, and Trimble Navigations.

What does Harbinger Capital Partners - Lightsquared Philip Falcone have to say about Kenneth Boehm, about the Owner of ( not ME), about the Spectrum Usage, Conflicts of Interest with James Kirkland and Clearwire, and the GPS Issues in General?

More Coming Soon on Philip Falcone, Lightsquared "Offering" to Limit the Power
from It's Signal, more on the Supporting the Hurricane yet Interference with Weather Equipment.

More on Philip Falcone knowing that no way would Lightsquared Fail or why would Philip Falcone, Harbinger Capital put Billions at Stake.  You would have to, IN MY OPINION, have an in with a few politicians, someone at the FCC, Someone at NTIA, and well a few Senators, Congressman and overseas officials sure don't hurt, RIGHT ?

Information coming soon on the possible and "Alleged" connections and why with...  Miles Rubin and Coda, on the connections of Terrastar Bankruptcy's, Lucent, Echostar, Politicians and Lobbyists, Satelitte Contracts unDisclosed, Middle East Deals, Phillipine and International Internet Providing Deals, Political Favortism with US Officials and Orange, Political Favors in the Philippines, Kathleen Murphy Connections, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Crutch and Dunn Law Firm in All this ......

More about Recent 'Fires', and New Hires .. Lightsquared - Harbinger Capital Partners.

Information and More Background on Sanjiv AhujaCurtis LuLarry StricklingPeter JensonSteve OliveSteve GlazeKenneth BoehmKeith HladekPhillip HummHugh RovitAnthony GenitoMarc Kirschner,

.. More on Spectrum Brands, the FCC Supposed Probe, GPS Interference Issues, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, Hurricane Tracking Equipment, Congressional Science Committee Hearing,U.S. House Science, Space and Technology Committee, Transportation Department and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, North American Energy Partners, Inc. (NYSE: NOA) ,Harbert Management CorporationCharlie Ergen and the multiple bankruptcy cases surrounding Terrastar, Loral Space and many others that seem to affect all this and certainly affect the prices of stocks.

Is there really a Spectrum Shortage? What is the Real Story on the issue many say that Philip Falcone Harbinger Capital Partners got the "Spectrum" for FREE ??

When Did Philip Falcone, Harbinger Capital Partners Begin to Suspect interference from Verizon and ATT and possibly their Lobbyists?

Why does Philip Falcone, Harbinger Capital seem to feel Curtis Lu is innocent in the iViewit Stolen Technology Scandal as the Formor General Counsel of Warner Bros, Time Warner Inc. Whom seems to me to be guilty of using, stealing a 13 Trillion Dollar Patent

Click on Link Below for More on iViewit and Time Warner and the Case of a 13 Trillion Dollar Stolen Technology, and 
the fact, as proven from taped phone calls online and email documentation from iViewit, Curtis Lu talked with Eliot Bernstein Founder of Iviewit Technologies and one of the iViewit Inventors, just before Curtis Lu left Time Warner as their Genera Counsel and is Now the General Counsel of Lightsquared, whom Philip Falcone "thinks" is a Good Guy. 

Philip Falcone Believes that James Kirkland is somehow guilty by association, as James Kirkland was the General Counsel of Clearwire Corp. and is Now the General Counsel of Trimble Navigations and James Kirkland is head "Outspoken" One of the GPS Council and the Fight for "Save our GPS".   YET Somehow this Double Standard by Philip Falcone, Harbinger Capital, Lightsquared seems to go unnoticed in regard to his chosen General Counsel of Lightsquared, Curtis Lu - who WAS knowledgeable of what seemed a Massive Shareholder Fraud and Failed to disclose this Fraud.

More on Time Warner Inc. and iViewit

More Curtis Lu, Lightsquared General Counsel Links

Research what Curtis Lu, Lightsquared General Counsel knew and seemed to fail to disclose to shareholders, and auditors about this Massive Possible Fraud on Investors, and then decide if Curtis Lu, Lightsquared General Counsel will MOST Likely do the same thing to Harbinger Capital - Lightsquared Investors.

More Soon also on
"Omar Asali President Of Harbinger Group Inc." -  Harbinger Capital Partners .. and the connections, affiliations and backstory.. 

And more soon on .. 

* Philip Falcone while he was at Barclays Capital

* How did Philip Falcone KNOW to bet against the Secondary Mortgage Market?  What does Kathleen Murphy, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs have to do with any inside information Philip Falcone, Lightsquared, Harbinger Capital

The New York Times Company, Cleveland-Cliffs, Inmarsat, SkyTerra and Terrestar,and British sugar producer Tate & Lyl.. and how all of this affects you in this PUSH for Spectrum to Make Billionaires Even More Billions.

What is the Truth of HBOS and the Philip Falcone Connection?


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