Tuesday, September 6, 2011

University of Montana harasses Alum

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Engstrom's Reputation as University President

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What will Royce C. Engstrom's reputation be as a University President? As Time Magazine puts it on a May 2011 cover: "Why do Men in Power Behave like Pigs?"

Mr. Engstrom and I share a commonality: we were both Chemistry teachers. The University of Montana President decided to use an unfortunate use of power: his University Police.

UM Legal Serives, David Aronofsky instructs UM police to threaten Alum:
If you contact UM presidents office, you will be cited with a crime !!

Lets back up for a second: any member of the community can request time with Royce C. Engstrom to talk about any topic. I had asked to speak about the damage that is occurring due to the University of Montana protecting the criminal act of a former law student to practice law without a license.

This has become a Presidential Scandal---much beyond a University of Montana President Scandal.

Members of the public, alumni, anyone has access to President Engstrom--supposedly.

What happens when you have information about the Chief Legal Counsel for the University harassing to the extent that TWO email addresses were blocked:

What I propose: email David Aronofsky, UM Legal Chief and ask why he harasses and continues to harass people on behalf of the University, then has the UM Police call to harass further to keep his job? Are we sure this man is not part of the secret Nazis who cant give up old habits?
David Aronofsky should not have his job.
aronofsky@mso.umt.edu [send a nice email to David Aronofsky--with flowers or something]

Why does the University of Montana feel harassment, threats of community members is OK?

The reputation damage to the University by protecting a 2008 graduate of the University of Montana Law School by the name of Angela Wetzsteon is enormous. Many people are aware of Angela Wesselman and the Catfish movie. Angela Wetzsteon had more hits on Google than the Catfish facebook love scandal the day after the national Television coverage.

Is President Royce Engstrom too stupid to understand that brushing things under the carpet makes them get much bigger [This is called a Catalyst]? The University of Montana thinks they are too powerful, easy to threaten alumni. Lawyers from all over the world are reading about the Montana Scandal; people from all walks of life are reading about former law student Angela Wetzsteon '08.

Montana Grizzlies

UM Football player Jimmy Wilson just made the "BIGS" for the NFL's Miami Dolphins. When he was accused of crime the University of Montana did not publish his stats, awards or other positive spin to secure a positive response online. The same is true for other UM football players, or other students accused of wrongdoing. The University of Montana Law School is pumping Angela Wetzsteon's 2007 Northwest Moot court 2nd place finish using significant UM online assets--today:

The problem is that Angela Wetzsteon practiced law without a license or supervision, required by a court order from the Montana Supreme Court (Order #12982--the Montana Student Practice Rule). Violation of a court order is criminal contempt MCA 45-7-309(c) a misdemeanor.

Unlawful Student Practice in Montana EXPOSED:

Unauthorized Practice in Montana has been an issue since 1990 for the Missoula County Attorney, protected by UM Alumni Board member Jim Messina, US Senator Max Baucus, The UM Law School, and an attempt by the Montana Supreme Court. The world knows the truth about Montana Law, and Angela Wetzsteon '08.

Few students, or residents of Montana seem to understand our state ranks 48th in the nation for justice (of 48) by the US Dept. of Justice in 2007. We have had speakers like Chief Justice Roberts, Anton Scalia, recently Sandra Day O'Connor, and Attorney General Eric Holder. The reason we have had these speakers is that Montana sucks for justice, and needs a lot of work. Royce Engstrom and David Aronofsky thought running off a concerned alumni would make this go away.

The actions of UM president Royce Engstrom and his chief legal counsel using UM police to harass someone attempting to stop the bleeding (reputation damage) is appalling. If anyone is allowed to speak with the president, that doesn't mean threaten with crime for doing so.

Royce Engstrom, UM president should be ashamed of his actions, feeling this would not get out. Millions of people will take note of how University of Montana President handled this situation.

Are we sure there isn't a Hammer & Sickle on top of the bell tower at the University of Montana?
UM needs to understand that it is no big deal meeting with members of the public. Lets make this much bigger, and tarnish the UM reputation. It was Royce Engstrom's call; and he blew it.

The UM law insider has been above Miami School of Law, Michigan, and Minnesota this summer:

Some group named WIKILEAKS and "Anonymous" is far bigger than President Engstrom: they sent our letter to the US President asking for Civil Rights for Montana to millions of targeted audience throughout the WORLD. Does President Engstrom think the world is still flat?

The European Law Student Association (ESLA), with 37,000 members is approximately three (3) times the size of UM and incorporates forty-two (42) countries {where UM might want to recruit}. The ESLA are young attorneys, and law students who support my cause, Mr. Engstrom.

So keep protecting Angela Wetzsteon '08 law....we will keep destroying Montana'a reputation. The UM law school is ranked 172/200 of "approved" law schools. UM is a tier III school known for its cheap tuition, and tawdry response to its alumni wanting to inform the school of the world wide issue of school reputation: Montana Law Students (Grizzlies) are taught to maul Americans...

The world is issuing a boycott of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming including tourism, leather, potatoes, beef due to the wolf hunt (I'm not against it). I have added that Montana suffers from not having constitutional rights, like equal protection and access to UM President Engstrom to inform him that his UM legal chief Aronofsky needs to be fired, and the aforementioned reputation damage to UM by Angela Wetzsteon '08. The damage can include UM President Engstrom at his choice.

Howling For Justice National press conference:
BOYCOTT MONTANA--October 14, 2011 from Helena, Montana (Capitol)
[the locals call this place "Montanistan"--thats Montana without rights!

The choice was made: treat an alumni like crap who was attempting to improve this situation for the University. When the alumni of 2012, 2013, 2014 are thinking about giving to UM, I hope this helps them decide to keep thier hard earned money away from UM and President Engstrom.