Saturday, October 15, 2011

Citibank FAILS the people

I have a BIG Ethics complaint with CItigroup, CITIBANK:  you can't arrest customers without probable cause of committing a crime.  Waiting to be served does not qualify.

Citibank NYC just made the biggest financial mistake of the 21st Century: they pulled a Max Baucus.
You dont arrest people because they have a difference of opinion with you.

Citibank just lost marketshare, and the PEOPLE will dump your financial products.


[dump your account, cut up your cards]

The Occupy Wall Street people went to a citibank branch to close their accounts. Little did you know that it was a crime scene. Citibank will learn through mass dumping of their corporate products that Americans and others do not appreciate you arresting your customers.


Citibank wants to give a message, and the 99% will give a stronger message back. YOU SUCK.

Cops do not work for banks. Citibank has no cause to ask any law enforcement to arrest customers.
No Victim No Crime. Citibank will pay for this one.

How many people will cut up their citibank cards tomorrow after hearing about this one?

.....I DID.

Citibank will lose customer base, and we will make sure it fails.

Bye Bye Citibank. You just pissed off a blogger with some clout.

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