Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hamilton Police Chief

Unlawful entry, Hamilton Montana Police Chief

after a code of 10-38 was called (and explained in video as "everything's fine") the police chief entered the house and property unlawfully.

sworn rights mean nothing.  Watch, share, like the video to all that you know.



the BS answers, explanations will be forthcoming.  Try reading the BILL OF RIGHTS.

below is the laundry list of issues with the Hamilton Montana Police Chief:

Chief Ryan Oster accomplishment: looking the other way for felony hit and run:
September 14, 2007
Hamilton Montana: involving a City Councilman, injury accident

Felony Hit & Run Accident at Fox Field Ave & US 93 Hamilton Montana: 9/14/2007
[the Montana Highway Patrol refused to investigate: the Commander mysteriously "retired"]
sokul photo
If a Montnaa Highway Patrol commander "retired" due to this accident coverup, why shouldn't the actual coverup "master" lose his job.  Its time for resignation Chief Ryan Oster.
Ryan Oster does not have 9 lives. Presented here are two.

Since I only observed Chief Ryan Oster "doodling" as I explained officer misconduct, I am not sure Ryan Oster knows how to write "I resign" so I took the liberty of doing it for him:

Ryan Oster                                                                                                             October 31, 2011
Chief Of Police
City of Hamilton, Montana
223 S. Second St.
Hamilton MT 59840

To Whom it may Concern,

I resign my postion as Chief of Police, effective immediately. I was responsible for Officer Nic Painter, who acted without probable cause in everything he did as an officer of the law under my command. I took part in the Lasalle accident investigation, on the scene of the accident with Officer Painter in September 2007. I attended a class at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia, but I did nothing more than doodle in class.

The week I came home, I told a resident of Hamilton Montana running for mayor (and surely known would have fired me with cause) that he was not allowed in the Ravalli Republic Defamation Factory at 232 W. Main St. Hamilton, MT 59840 USA. Further I supervise officers who approached a city resident on public property and eventually charged with trespass on public property, because we make up the rules in Hamilton, Montanistan (sorry, I meant Montana). I am aware of abusive tactics of my department such as intimidating witnesses, intimidating employers, staging evidence, and working out of our assumed juridiction of the City of Hamilton, which is not incorporated.

I was trained by Sheriff Chris Hoffman, because we are both local boys who know how to cover things up. In 2005 I entered the cell block of the Ravalli County Detention Center and encouraged the deaths of several inmates, due to my believing "they had no chance". My protege and I firmly believe we are upholding the US Constitution, because it sounds good, and we have access to the print media who will print, and paint anything we do as heroic, and upstanding.

To review, I did participate, and was witnessed to be on scene at the felony hit and run accident September 14, 2007 in Hamilton, and did enter a house unlawfully as was caught on video posted online. I was acting under color of law, and violated the rights of one of those I swore to serve. Now I am swearing at myself, and I cannot stand to look at myself, even through I am aware the State of Montana is ranked last for Justice in the United States, and I am aware that I encouraged this last ranked standing by not supervising my officers in the City of Hamilton, Montana.

The City of Hamilton has three (3) times as many officers we need, which allows us to successfully perform unlawful activity in violation of the Constitution of the United States and Montana. After being caught on film, and on camera violating my duties to the citizens, I feel I need to pursue a career in hair products to better part my hair in the middle, and slick it back. There is good research going on that will allow better application of hair products, and I feel I can contribute.

My best tactic while chief was to play dumb and hope the propaganda paper we & Ravalli Co. pay for will do the positive spin of the uneducated and sheep population in Hamilton, Montana. I was assured by prosecutors that they would handle any problem areas. Since we have a line to the White House now with a Montanan working in there, our coverup was in fine shape. Unfortunately the people rose up in 2007 and wrote a stupid letter to the first black president, which described our doings:

Montana Letter to the US President April 2009
some whacked out group named WIKILEAKS or ANONYMOUS hacked into the authors webhosting company, got into his email, and sent it to millions of targeted audience....

Then the people rose up, and made a video which I declined to be interviewed on, because I had so much to cover up. They did get video of my Sergent saying not to go back to the public property by the library because it would be considered a crime of trespassing.

I tried to just play stupid, because I really am stupid, and sometimes, most times people are more stupid than I am and they just incriminate themselves. My mentor Sheriff Hoffman just goes into threats in his office, or over the phone, or to any qualified candidate who opposes him. I tried to stay within the corrupt machine of a small town, but like I said, I think hair products is my future.

So, I know I am rambling on, but something is really bothering me. I encouraged people to kill themselves, I covered up a felony hit and run, and my officers are caught on tape not upholding rights of those we are supposed to serve. The last straw was being caught in someone's house without authorization, and it was established that an "all's clear" code was called out over my police radio.

I realize that this video, in time will humiliate the City of Hamilton (even though I don't know what that means). I have been caught red handed in the civil rights cookie jar, several times. There are only so many times, and so many confessionals (FBI academy) we are allowed as law enforcement. When I ignored a complaint in my office, and I used strong armed tactics with my former #2, I thought it was a nice touch to doodle as a citizens concern was levied.

So, I hope all of you will wish me well with hair products as my future. I feel it meets my standards of trying to improve the lives of greasy bastards who just want to part their hair like mine. Just in case you missed it from the top of of this post, here is my ultimate embarrassment: my hair.
and his hair product choice
[not to mention the umteenth time he violated his Constitutional oath]
Detective Murphy, Chief Oster of the Hamilton Montana Police Department

I will sign off now, and I really enjoyed the ability to "pretend" to be a police chief. Nic Painter, or "supercop" was under my command, and I take full responsibility for all of his actions. Detective Murphy is also under my command (shown here, trespassing--CALL THE Associated Press !!!)

It is just too much that I helped destroy a person's work life with the same hypocritical stuff we pull and are documented as pulling in this video going around the Internet. So I felt more comfortable with working on the solution for guys like me who have thin hair, sometimes greasy hair, no conscience, and no fortitude to do my sworn duty in the City of Hamilton Montana.

With that I will say I am not a "crook" (although I looked the other way for unlawful activity, and partook in the darn video) and bid you all farely well.
Ryan Oster
Chief of Police
City of Hamilton, Montana