Sunday, October 2, 2011

Michele Moore on Who Is Silencing Bank Whistle Blowers? Michele Moore Whistleblower

"Ever wonder why we don't hear from bank whistle blowers given all the fraud in the banking and mortgage industries?  Bank whistle blowers are being silenced.  See:  Who Is Silencing Bank Whistle Blowers?pdf
How Is It Done? - The New York Times reports  Bank of America hired Booze, Allen, Hamilton - one of our nation's largest National Security contractors - to guide them in response to possible Wikileaks disclosures.
Large National Security contractors often supply personnel to to multiple federal agencies and advise policy makers at high levels. Contractors can commit crimes, cover them up and get complicity from law enforcement agencies. GolfShadow-01_1186974-w
For individual bank whistle blowers, the deals may be cut on the back nine of our country's most exclusive golf clubs. 
An executive at one of these National Security contractors wants a half point cut on his mortgage or personal line of credit, the bank executive has "a problem they want contained." 
A Deal Is Cut, The Whistle Blower Is Silenced: 
The whistle blower's telephone and email are monitored, disrupted and corrupted. Their employment opportunities and livelihood are eliminated.  They are targeted for harassment, vandalism and a stalk and smear campaign.  The whistle blower may  become a training target for the contractor's covert operators.
What's happening to whistle blowers now can easily be used against competitors, political opponents, dissidents and other annoying undesirables. 
It can happen to you as well as to me.
Email and PowerPoint presentations from National Security contractor HBGary released by Anonymous show plans to harass Chamber of Commerce critics and Wikileaks supporters.  Google:  HBGary Anonymous for details.
This supports our assertions that the reason we don't hear from bank whistle blowers is that companies like HBGary silence them.
Help Stop It Before It Hurts You Or Someone You Love."
Source of  Bank Whistle Blowers Post  - Michele Moore Whistleblower