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Michele Moore - Reporting Wrong Doing SHOULD not Ruin Your Life - the TRUTH Should NOT be Criminal. Michele Moore Whistleblower

Silencing Bank Whistle Blowers

Over 500 visits to this site in the last three days and not a single telephone call or email request for additional information! 9/20/2011 Occupy Wall Street  

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Ever wonder why we don't hear from bank whistleblowers with all the fraud in the banking and mortgage industries? Bank whistleblowers are being silenced. I know because it is happening to me.
I have continual vandalism, sabotage, thefts and threats. Clothing and personal items are regularly slashed or stained.
I have watched calls come into my Verizon Blackberry 8830 and seen both the calling number and the voice mail message disappear before I could get to it.
I get a lot of weird responses to my outgoing calls and no positive responsesfrom the thousands of marketing contacts I make.
The Goon who was sent to threaten me said my life and my business would be slowly strangled. He was right, it IS economic strangulation.
Telephone Hacking is a world wide problem. SMobile Systems cellphone security software, a U.S. Government standard, will not install on my Verizon Blackberry 8830s.
There have been two attempts on my life concealed as and designed to cause automobile accidents.
I have money to pay attorneys but can't get responses or reliable referrals, even when I hand deliver materials to groups like the National Lawyers Guild.
Whistleblower attorneys and whistleblower support groups like P.O.G.O.  and G.A.P. only take False Claims Act cases involving fraud against the federal government. If your whistleblowing does NOT fall within that narrow specialty, they will NOT help you.
History:  I was hired by SunTrust Bank* in Atlanta for their first McKinsey Client Team, I was able to see their operation from a very privileged perspective.
Three SunTrust Executive Vice Presidents were fired for accounting improprieties during a major Securities and Exchange Commission investigation – the EVP I reported to survived.
I was told a valued work colleague was pushed to suicide by all the problems.  If someone had pushed me to suicide, I’d want people to speak up, so I did. I talked to the SEC about major accounting irregularities not mentioned in the press.
Shortly thereafter the long string of bad things started to happen.
Until the February, 2011 HBGary disclosures by Anonymous, people did not believe me when I said corrupt government contractors were probably to blame. The Goons are able to operate with impunity and get cooperation from law enforcement agencies at all levels.
Sooner or later, the truth will come out. What’s happening to me can be aimed at other activists and government or corporate critics.  Let’s stop it while we still can.
Happiness – I’d much rather be focusing on happiness – to see what I do.  I hope you enjoy exploring our many happiness sites.
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If you can, please try to help - I'm looking for a reliable criminal or civil liberties attorney who can help and I have money to pay them.  This is much bigger and more important than just me. 
Michele Moore and the
Happiness Habit 
I was hired by Trust Company of Georgia which later merged with Sun Banks of Florida to become SunTrust Bank. "

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And the 13 Trillion Dollar Patent Theft, Iviewit Technologies that Involves these Same Banks, Court System and Corporate Protection.

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Whistleblowers are NOT heard or Protected.  The SEC has a Whistleblower System in place yet DOES not Listen to Whistleblower Tips.  Protect Whistleblowers, Demand Transparency.