Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bernie Cassidy, Jay Sheffield, Roby Bowe, and the Unstoppable Culture of Corruption of Lincoln County Montana.

Sylvan Lake Campground, Kootenai National Forest Death of Larry Kingsley - Bernie Cassidy, Jay Sheffield and the Corruption of Lincoln County Montana could have prevented it all.

Bernie Cassidy Personally and Professionally
, the Lincoln County Sheriff Office, Lincoln County - Bonds, Insurance and All - Jay Sheffield, and all involved in Libby Montana in the arrests, cover ups, and events leading up to the Death of Larry Kingsley will be sued for wrongful death and wrongful incarceration.  They will brought up on criminal charges, conspiracy charges, and they are to blame for the death of Larry Kingsley and could have prevented this situation long before it happened.

When they are all sued, Bernie Cassidy and the Legacy of Corruption left behind by Sheriff Daryl Anderson will cover it up, they will get corrupt judges like the ex Libby Judge Michael Prezeau (who will also be sued and brought up on criminal charges) anyway, when they pull all their strings all the way to the top of Montana Corruption where it is pay to play and a known fact they say, that a Supreme Court Decision in Montana costs $50,000.  Anyway, they will call in commissions, governors, congressman and cronies past and present to cover up their lies and corruption that create a trail of victims decade long, and there will be NOTHING they can do to stop a full out investigation, even their Montana FBI connections, border patrol connections and Forest Service Cop connections won't stop it..

You see they will all be named in the lawsuit however the one really being Sued, also being sued will be the Kootenai National Forest, the United States Forest Service and this lawsuit will be filed federally and the Kootenai National Forest, the United States Forest Service will investigate all the action in this crime, conspiracy and cover up to save themselves from paying a massive lawsuit for Wrongful Incarceration to Heather Henson and Family .. and Wrongful Death to the Kingsley Family.

They will turn up the fact that Jay Sheffield was never legally a cop in Lincoln County and then how this cop, not a cop that pulled them all over and knew the situation.. well he became a JUDGE in Lincoln County serving up Justice in the same cases that he was the "officer".  Bernie Cassidy's illegal behavior for decades will turn up, and the the Kootenai National Forest, the United States Forest Service will pay for it to prove their own innocence in this situation.  So stay tuned.  Heather Henson and the Kingsley family are not forgotten, and not alone, NOT on my watch.

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