Thursday, February 2, 2012

"FDA officials could be breaking the law by retaliating against the whistleblowers," "Who authorized the monitoring of the whistleblowers"

I am not sure what to think of Grassley's seeming attack on Lightsquared and what looks like siding with good ol boys Verizon, AT&;T, Clearwire, Deere and Company.. thing is, this Calling out the FDA, calling out a government agency for retaliation against Whistleblower's is indeed something to be respected, commended.

I often ask the same question, as in the SEC, the Department of Justice, the FBI, Corrupt Montana Courts, Corruption in the Supreme Court, Corrupt Judges and other Government Agencies, indeed "Who authorized the monitoring of the whistleblowers" and who gives the orders to retaliate against a whistle blower?

"Grassley probes FDA over whistleblower retaliation
By Julian Pecquet - 02/02/12 12:31 PM ET

The senior Republican on the Judiciary Committee is demanding answers from the Obama administration over the Food and Drug Administration's retaliation against whistleblowers who contacted his office.

Six current and former FDA employees sued the government last week alleging that the agency pried into their personal email accounts and retaliated against them after they shared with Congress concerns about the approval process for medical devices.

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), a longtime champion of whistleblower rights, on Thursday released a letter that warns that FDA officials could be breaking the law by retaliating against the whistleblowers, at least one of whom was fired.

"It is troubling to me to see your Agency actively pursue the dismissal of an employee … not because they violated procedure and leaked genuinely confidential classified information, but simply because you 'cannot trust him'," Grassley wrote to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. "During your confirmation hearing in the Senate in 2009 you stated, 'I think whistleblowers serve a very important role in government in surfacing critical issues and concerns and making sure they're addressed. As leader of the FDA, I would very much want to create a culture that enables all voices to be heard'"

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As with the Peter Sivere Story, and so many others I hear of where whistleblowers are retaliated against by governement agencies, this is a major statement and a win for whistleblowers everywhere.