Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stop Corruption in Montana CPS, Montana Department of Child and Family Services.

"This group is for those caught up in the tyranical socialistic system known as "DFS" (aka Department of Child and Family Services) in Montana.

This group was created to allow and encourage Montana families to network together and share information and ideas on what to do if DFS comes knocking on your door.

We are here to offer moral support, share ideas for activism, legal resources, and to provide a safe haven for victims of false allegations of abuse/neglect. We do not in any way condone actual child abuse. The protection of children from actual abuse is a nobel cause.

The government's own studies show however, that most abuse reports are "unsubstantiated", and children are removed from their parents based on those "unsubstantiated" reports to the destruction of children and to the detriment of American familes.

We must make a stand NOW....before its too late. Please be advised that prospective members will be screened prior to approval for membership to insure our members are protected from lurkers and moles. "


Make a Stand, Pay Attention to Your Friends and Neighbors. Stand Against Corruption, DO the Right Thing.  Expose Montana Social Servicer Corruption, Montana CPS, Montana Department of Child and Family Services.