Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fight Corruption - David Grossack, Citizen Justice Manual, Government by Intimidation. Expose Corruption in Government. Expose Fraud on the Courts.

"Dear Folks:

            Many of you already know me and that’s why my name appears on this mailing list. My background can be found on Wikipedia. I am a lawyer, activist and writer.

            I believe a narrow focus on objectives and methods would serve all of us well. Please consider this.

            I also enclose for your consideration a suggested 8 point program and an article I wrote for my blog entitled “The World of Gene Sharp”. My blog address is

            Sharp is a social scientist who is an acknowledged international authority on how to topple autocrats. The legal establishment in the U.S. is a symptom of a failed state, like Tunisia and others.

            The Citizens Justice Association has much to offer pro-se litigants and legal reformers. See

            Our latest book, Government by Intimidation is available at Amazon. What it tells about police and prosecutional misconduct and other topics is truly shocking.

            Also, the Citizens Justice Manual is an exceptional work which is vital to those using the Internet and other media to protest injustice. It is available through

            I am available to help, and can be reached at 781-925-5253.

                                                            Best regards,

                                                            David Grossack"